im 19, am i gay or just panicking?

Help me get over this, its been worrying my mind for a week now... In my past at the age of 5 ive been dry humping girls my age, ive always been attracted to girls, i have a gf now and she gets me so turned on, but this past week ive had freak out moments were i think im going gay.

Then my mind tries to convince me i am gay in over panic, then my feelings seem to try and convince me but in my heart i know im straight

now i have 2 questions if i was gay i would of known a bit earlier then 19 right and not of enjoyed sex with women?

i feel straight rather then gay and its a panic, is there anything that can help get my mind off ease with all these thoughts ?

P.s these thoughts dont turn me on, and i have no shame in gay people, infact i haev alot of gay friends who are really cool , thats why i came here to u guys, please help im so confused...

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    Could you describe these "freak out" moments, or whatever it is you're picking up on that makes you think you're "going gay"? It's hard to tell without more information.

    You might be making a mountain out of a molehill, but I can see why you'd panic about the possibility of having a same-sex attraction. It would be *terrible* to be gay, wouldn't it? Catastrophic! Game over! Go directly to hell.

    Q: "now i have 2 questions if i was gay i would of known a bit earlier then 19 right and not of enjoyed sex with women?"

    A: Unfortunately, some people don't acknowledge to themselves that they are gay until they've gotten themselves stuck in a marriage with children or until they're pastors of a megachurch in Colorado Springs. I was certainly still in denial about it when I was 19.

    If you really enjoy having sex with women as much as you claim to, then you're probably straight. If you have occasional homoerotic fantasies, maybe you have a little bit of bi thrown in for fun. Only your genitals know for sure.

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    Oh to be 19 again...NOT! Whether you are having "gay" feelings or not really is irrelevant. What is right for "you" may not be right for others, and the reverse is true as well. At 19, sexuality as a whole is pretty much ruled by hormones - a totally different combination that raged through your system when you hit puberty. As you get older, you will find that your blood chemistry can wreak havok on all of your systems - it is no different when you are 19. A slight increase in testosterone levels and your aggressive side comes out. A decrease in norepinephrine and you become lethargic, depressed, moody. The more you laugh, the more dopamine your brain produces - dopamine is the body's natural drug of choice - it gives you a sense of euphoria and well being, and happiness. A release of adrenaline and you get a boost of nervous energy - you can't sit still. It is the main hormone in the "fight or flight" mechanism when we are scared or threatened. So stop stressing about the thoughts you are having unless they are majorly affecting your life and causing you extreme, ongoing anxiety. In that case, don't be afraid to set up a few appointments with a psychologist or social worker. You could also have a natural chemical imbalance, so getting a thorough checkup and some blood chemistry tests is a good idea to eliminate that possibility. If you find you do have a chemical imbalance, medication can correct it rather easily. Like anything, define the problem, find out what the options are, and take it a day at a time, Don't be another DEER IN THE HEADLIGHT. Good Luck!

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    The best way of looking at it is don't try and define the way you feel in terms of gay, straight or bi. Just be honest with yourself. It is perfectly natural for someone to have a relationship with a woman and still find men ascetically pleasing. In all honesty every friendship is based on some form of attraction. However what we perceive to be 'right' or 'wrong' defines the boundaries we set in our relationships. However if you are being honest with yourself rather than trying to 'trap' or 'define' your feelings then you will find your relationships, whatever level you decide to take them much more satisfying and fulfilling.

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    I think it's just regular anxiety we all question our sexuality whether no matter what it is. Just relax you're not gay if the thought of being with a guy doesn't turn you on and you love being with woman.

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    dont panic you are probably just a little confused happens to everyone. time will tell if you are straight gay or somewhere in between. it may just be that you are in denial. test the waters but dont dive in

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    give me a half hour with you and we'll do things you wont write home to mama about. i give excellent bj's to dudes in school and they all have girlfriends..dont mean u gay just means u like cute boys suckin ur c*ck...have fun bro..peace

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