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what is chopsticks?

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    Marhaba is only half right. Chopsticks can be used to pick up ANY type of food as long as you're skilled enough. Of course, exceptions include steak, soup, etc... You can also use chopsticks as weapons like Bruce Lee did in that movie he went to Rome to kick *** and in the end kill Chuck Norris.

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    I believe a more appropriate question would be, "Why is the song chopsticks easier to play than using chopsticks?"

    I have nothing else to add to the answers given before me.

  • It's a song played with just two fingers.. Maybe you are supposed to play it with chopsticks.. that would make it more interesting.

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    It's a popular song among those who like to play the piano but don't know how.

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    two sticks used for eating chinese or japanese food.

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