Longest Births?

Just curious as to how common it is to go 36 hours during childbirth. That's how long my son took! And 4 hours of pushing. What is YOUR story? How many of you had CRAZY long labors? Was it your first child, second, third, etc. Do you know of anyone with a longer labor? I'm just curios because so far, I haven't met anyone who can even get close!


WOW! I love reading all your stories!! We're all part of a small group of very proud, strong and determined women! I give all of you a standing ovation!

Update 2:

Oh, and I'm due with my second in July. I'm planning on a C-section!

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    I was in labor 42 hours with my son..

    My grandmother was in labor 72, for her first .. and the other four where all over 40 My grandgather still brags he holds the record for the most time spent in the waiting room. Note this was common in the 50;'s with large faimlies and lack of C-sections.

    Today this would never happen I know one of my uncles was breach and upside down

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    My first and (hopefully) only baby took me 36 hours from induction to birth. I had 4 hours of pushing. I had had hard contractions for 14 hours. I had an epidural and injections through IV and when the pain was the absolute worst, the anesthesiologist had said that he wouldn't give me any more meds. So I did all the pushing with no help with the pain. Plus, during the 14 hours, only one side of my body was numb for some reason. I think I just had crappy doctors. The delivery doctor put both hands in me around the baby's head to help get him out and ripped me diagonally in 2 different places. The rips were so bad, they called in a surgeon to some stitch me up. My hubby stood by my bed crying for me and kept saying "I promise we'll never do this again, baby, I promise! I'm so sorry!" All of this is why I plan to have absolutely NO more kids. There are plenty of babies that need a good mommy and daddy by adoption... I'm all for it! LOL

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    With my first son I dialated to ten within a matter of 2 hours and it was about 3 hours of pushing before someone realized he was stuck on my pubic bone. They had to use a vaccuum to get him out and he broke my bone on the way out. With my second son my water had broke on Easter of this year and I wasn't having any contractions there was also mechonium present. As soon as I got to the hospital they had me put on pitocin and it was at the highest level you can have of that stuff and still nothing worked. The following day I finally talked the docs into giving me a c-section so they had to turn off the pitocin and wait a few hours for it to stop the "artificial" contractions. As soon as the stuff was out of my system the contractions started on their own and it was time to push. He too had to be taken out with the use of the vacuum. If they didn't give me the pitocin I know for a fact that things would have gone so much more smoothly and he wouldn't of ended up in the ICU after. He had to be in the ICU to be treated for high fever and sepsis. I had never been so scared in my entire life. They say your second child goes faster but it all depends on who you are I guess. My son is fine now but if I decide to have another child, I'm telling them exactly what I want to happen and I will never let anyone give me pitocin ever again cause of this. I know my body and what happened did not feel right at all. To all you women out there, trust your own instincts and let someone know exactly how you feel cause seeing your baby hooked up to so many different machine's is a really scary thing.

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    With my son I went into the hospital at 5:00 on a Monday morning to be induced. I was to 4 centimeters by 12 on Monday but then did not have him until 6 PM WEDNESDAY night!! It was awful .. and to think I had him completely naturally. The funny thing is my second son only took about 4 hours but I was in sooo much more pain and had an epidural with him. Weird..

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    I was in labor for about 30 hours, and did not dialate more than a centimeter for 24 of those hours. I planned on going natural, but after 24 hours of nothing I took an epidural, dialated to ten within 3 hours and had my beautiful little girl after an hour of pushing. She is my first and only so far, but if I have more children, I plan on rolling over for that epidural as soon as they'll give it to me. I think I might have been in labor all week and had my bladder explode if I hadn't.

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    Its not overly common but I did have a 36 hr birth. I was induced wed evening on the 29th of September and didn't give birth until the early on 1st of October 1993. She just wouldn't come out. I pushed for a good couple of hours. The worst part was when the Dr was stitching me up, I asked how many children she had to which she stated.. .'we don't have kids we have dogs'!!! I could have killed her. but the 36 hrs was nothing compared to now when my 13 yrs ... i don't know whats worse??

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    We're tied...lol. I was induced with both of my daughters due to toxemia. After gaining 100 pounds (lucky me) and being a week overdue I was induced. I was hooked up to the IV for 36 hours until I delivered. It took one hour of pushing though. With my second I was in labor for 26 hours. This is what's crazy about her birth though. 2 pushes is all it took after all that. I pushed for maybe 5 minutes.

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    No Lie . I went into active labor Dec. 21st with contractions 5 minutes apart. I had a hardening of the cervic so the dr waited it out. I was miserable and having back labor. Finally gave birth Dec. 25th at 11:17am. The dr did everything to hold my labor off so that I would have a christmas baby. When I learned that I was furious. I didnt eat and hardly slept any of those days, But I stuck to my guns and had her natural with no pain meds. (personal choice) .

    Sorry forgot to add 5 hours of pushing that started at 6am.

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    Sorry techmom, 38 hours with 3 hours of pushing. My epidural quit working and by the time the anesthesiologist came, they decided to do a c-section! This is my first and I am trying to get pregnant again!

    Glad to see someone else had one similar to mine!

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    You and I are alike. Mine too was 36 hours with four hours of pushing. The doc was mean though and yelled at me all through labor, even making the nurses mad, I also wasn't lucky enough to get any kind of pain medication.

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