Why is it that the older your kids get, the smaller their presents get?

I spent more this year and it looks like so much less (kids are 10 and 12). I am tempted to put them in bigger boxes, but I figure that this would seem cheesy.


I remember when I could spend a third as much and the tree would be full of presents.

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    My parents asked me the same thing. I'm 19 now and my gift will be helping me pay for my new digital camera (a total expense of $1100). I'm not sure when it happened for me... but quantity just... it didn't mean anything anymore. It was some change in me that recognized that masses of things are not the same as a few really good things.. or quality things. I'm sure every generation says this and I'm sure I'll say it with my kids. It hurts the heart a little.. but you just want them to be happy, you know? And about the big box thing... have some fun;) If it's going to be a big box... put something in it.. like let's say they are a really pleased boy or girl and get an iPod. Now.. this is a relatively small box, but placed in a box filled with say... some loose rock... or even a few good bricks (don't risk the actual gift >.< ) this becomes a very puzzling and difficult to move box that seems to contain some rediculously heavy gift. My parents did this with me once.... this shows something of me... they bought me tickets to a Weird Al Yankovich concert for my girlfriend and I... They had this massive bloody box that I very well could have sat in... and they taped the tickets in underneath one of the flaps of the box as well as filling it with packing peanuts.... You can imagine me feeling strange digging through all of the peanuts and eventually tearing the box down flat to find the tickets. But anyway, the idea is that they are happy; in the end that's pretty much all that matters. If they want something small or of quality, support it. Good luck! and I'm sure they'll be happy no matter how you wrap things up. :)


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    When kids are smaller they enjoy looking at how big the boxes are. They are less concerned about what's inside. If someone did a study on reactions I'm fairly confident that most kids would grab the bigger box if presented with the option to choose either a big or little box. As they get older what's inside the wrapping becomes more important and typically involves higher priced yet smaller items.

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    The reason is because of modern technology. Everybody wants hi-tech toys that can be slipped in a pocket of their pants and for all of the new stuff these geniouses come up with they ask for rediculously high prices for something nearly as small as a business card and the really sad part is that children are more high tech than most adults because their parents have lost the ability to say one simple word--No. Try something new and different buy them books so that they can expand their minds and not depleat your wallet.

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    I am 16 years old and am only getting two things for Christmas this year from my parents: a $200 gift card to my favorite store and a $100 i-home. My parents have always set a budget at Christmas, and the older you get, the quicker that budget gets used up!

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    that is probably because when they were smaller you bought them bigger, cheaper, things, like barbies or a set or race cars or robots or stuffed animals or whatever. now that kids are older, they dont need so many toys and thing, so people buy older kids things more practical, like jewelry, books, and clothes, rather than interactive toys, which are much bigger. i used to wonder the same thing.

    hope this helps!

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    Because older kids want video game systems, MP3 players, DVD players, etc, and they do not take up much room. My mom got my niece a portable DVD player for their car because she goes on roadtrips with them quite often...got it at Walmat the day after Thanksgiving for $49

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    The gifts may be smaller, but they cost at least twice as much!

    Source(s): Mom of two girls (16 & 13) and two boys (7 & 1)
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    inflation has a lot to do with this also. but yes I, too, remember buying more gifts with less.

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    because they ask for more expense thingds and they toys are smaler

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