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for filipinas and filipinos?

OKay.. I thought this one girl was amazing.. I think her name is like Joanna Cellus or something? Doesn it ring a bel? Well I want to know her exact name.. IT showed a lifestory of her.. Her brother is gay... Her mom brought her to auiditions when she was little.. This lttle girl was sad because she allways had a part of being ugly or scary.. Well, I want to know her name.. she is a good actress.. I heard her sing a song she is realy young she is like so cute.. What is her name? PLease tell me!

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    Would you have more clues? Is she a recording artist now? Any song that you know she had sung? If she's an actress, any movie title you know she had been to? What do you think is her age now? We've got a number of lady singers here and they may have similar stories as you described.

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    Kiray (real name: Joanna Celis , but was named Kiray by the director and creator of "Goin' Bulilit "),

    Source(s): my Filipino friends..
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    Well I don't really know her, and I have a friend who is Filipina and she tells me all about the stars in her country, and I don't think the girl your talking about is a lot famous. Just Saying!

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    i'm not exactly sure of the name but i think they call her kiray. her life story was shown on MMK last week.

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    Are you refering to "Kiray" ? I also do not know her real name.

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    Oh I know that girl. She is Wilma Doesnt.

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    pretty sure, her name's Imelda Marcos...

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