newtons 2nd law of motion??

im doin a project and i need answers from ppl who KNOW!!! asap!

1.examples to when law applies to everyday situations does the law relate to forces??

if u get it from a website that would b great if u gave me it to!!!!!!



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  • Amy F
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    1 decade ago
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    Newton's Second Law states that F = ma, read "Force equals mass times acceleration". It relates to forces because it dictates the effect that a given force will have on a given object.

    A commonly given example of Newton's Second Law relates to cars. The law can be rearranged to read a = F/m. A heavier car (higher m) accelerates more slowly, but a car with a more powerful engine (higher F) accelerates more quickly.

    Source(s): Sorry, no website. I got this explanation out of a college physics class.
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