which is best? for sale by owner or assist to sell?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    This depends on your comfort level. Both "for sale by owner.com and "assist 2 sell" claim savings on the sale of your home.

    For sale by owner- will charge you to list on their website which can be from anywhere from $90 - $900 depending on the package you pick. This is a huge saving compared to the traditional 6% a Realtor charges for commission.

    Down side to this is that most Realtors will not show a house that is listed on For sale by owner due to most owners will not pay a commission to the buyers agent.

    Assist to sell is a discount Realty office. This means they are Realtors and brokers that will discount their fees. They are an Alla carte service and depending on the package depends on the amount they will charge.

    Down side is that it will more than likely cost more, however they can also handle the paperwork.

    I am a real estate investor and have used many methods in selling properties. I found that the maximum amount of exposure helps in selling any home. So whether you chose one over the other I would you suggest in visiting and listing you home in as many places as possible.

    I will be listing my properties on 2 seperate websites that I found on Craig's List that charge $25.00 for 2 months lisiting on their website. Here are the sites:



    Good Luck!

  • 1 decade ago

    Why not look up their web site and see what they will do for you. Realtors can sell homes for more. They understand how to complete the many contracts, forms and disclosure statements required in a real estate transaction. They know how to negotiate and overcome objections, screen buyers, the list goes on. Many FSBOs think that once the purchase agreement is signed, their work is over. Wrong. Before closing, home inspection, termite inspection, title insurance, building permits for improvements, and so forth must be done. Some sellers may decide they need professional help once they see what it takes to get the deal completed. Hire a Realtor instead. If you need one let me know.

  • 1 decade ago

    For Sale by Owner or "FSBO" entails that you would have to do the work from marketing (which includes advertising open houses etc...), to negotiations to contracts...

    Assist to sell however has a a la carte menu where you can pick and choose the services you want to pay for.

    If you are in California I can pre-qualify your buyers. We work with all credit conditions and financial abilities.

  • 1 decade ago

    Have you tried nuwaymls.com? They will put your FSBO home on the mls for a fraction of what forsalebyowner.com costs.

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