how long does it take to recovery from a hysterectomy?

I am 62 into 3rd week of total hysterectomy and still quite sore. Is this normal? Can someone relate their experience and how they handled it thanks.

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    The doctor will tell you that it takes 6-8 weeks to recover from a total hysterectomy, but as with anything else, it just depends on the person and how resiliant you are. I just recently went through that myself, and I think it is perfectly normal to still be quite sore.I was most miserable because I sleep on my stomach, and could not even roll over on my side for the longest time. It was pure misery for me. The only way I got through it was in constant prayer and the pain medication that the doctor prescribed me. If you need to talk, or have any questions, please feel free to e-mail me at

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    Being sore after only 3 weeks is expected. Just rest, and you will get a little stronger everyday. Eat things with lots of protein in it (chicken, turkey, peanuts) so your muscles can heal up nicley.

    Give yourself about 9 - 12 weeks total healing time. The doctor should have warned you of this.

    Take whatever he prescribed you for pain, and drink ginger tea if you like it. When you are not swelling anymore, you can use a heating pad where it hurts.

    Don't feel bad about laying on the couch all day or eating your meals in bed. You really need to give your body the rest it needs, silly as it may sound. You also might consider using home health services if you don't have anyone to help you around the house. Sometimes Medicare pays for this.

    Call your doctor if you are still concerned.

    Things should be getting back to normal by Valentine's day. Good luck.

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    I had a total hysterectomy at age 31 because of endometriosis. It took a full 6 weeks for recovery enough to go back to work. But i felt so much better that, even though I had to take estrogen replacement therapy for the next several years, I felt then and now it was the best choice to have it done. During the recovery, I made a baby quilt for my stepdaughter who was expecting a baby a few months later. Kept my mind and hands busy during my recovery.

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    i'm 4 months into my recovery. by 6 weeks you will feel much better, but even at 4 months i hurt when i overdo things. the outside will heal quickly, but it can take up to a year for the insides to be fully healed. just remember 1 rule.... "you only have 1 chance to heal the right way the first time". walking helps. walk slowly up and down the driveway until that gets easy, then around the block, down the street, keep building up. it gets easier every day. good luck!

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    I was told to treat my stomach as if it were made of tissue paper for 9 months. I was off work for 3 months. I literally had to sit on the sofa for 6 weeks. So 3 weeks is very soon to be painfree. Rest and recuperate..... and yes I can relate.

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    In 3 wks the incisions will be healed, however, discomfort will be be for about 2-3 months. I had one (vertical incision) about 13 years. ago.

    It gradually feels better day by day, but give it time, Remember, the muscles underneath have to heal also. You should also report anything unusual to your doctor. Don't wear tight pants. I found dresses much more comfortable. Good Luck!

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    I was very young and had a total of 7 surgery's before it was over and it took me about 12 weeks to get back to normal and go back to work feeling like myself. I was under 30

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    commonly it takes 4 to 6 weeks in ordinary circumstances.)What became into indication for this reason?) As for lymphnode removing could were executed for Bx,which will come to a decision destiny course. If it seems to be primary then no sick outcomes.

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    It took my mum 3 months to get back on her feet but the pain still comes and good and its ban about a year if it gets rely bad you could always take pain killers and my mum eats lots of prunes now I don’t know if it helps but she seams to think it dos

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    My friends that have had hysterectomies say it takes awhile to recover and you need to be careful notto overdo it.

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