I'm 28 weeks pregnant, if my baby was born today we he have a good chance at surviving?

I Also had some shots about 3 weeks ago to mature his lungs faster just in case he was born early.


Well this is my third pregnancy, i lost the first two at 19 weeks, and 22 weeks. The same thing almost happened with this one i went in for a regular doc's appt, and was 2 centimeter dialiated, so i had to have surgery to stitch up my cervix, and i was on mag for 2 days, and that was at 5 1/2 months, so they put me on bedrest and gave me those shots, and my doc told me that i probably won't make it to my due date which is Feb.....

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    My now eight year old daughter was born at 28 weeks, weighed a pound and a half. She had Apgars or 8 and 9, was on a vent for two and a half days, came home ten weeks later when she weighed four pounds. She is a wiry, smart girl, who is in chess club, Spanish, piano and karate. She has no mental or physical disabilities whatsoever.

    Premies at 28 weeks are overwhelmingly likely to survive without damage, something like 95% chance.

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    Babies have been born as early as 25 weeks and survived, however, they may survive but thats not without life long affects. At your stage in pregnancy there is a chance that the baby could have bleeding inside the head, blindness, and having to be put on breathing machines can cause lung collapses and infections. I am sure this doesnt always happen, but every week or even every day you go longer into your pregnancy the better chances you have of having a healthier baby. I hope everything turns out ok and I wish you the best of luck!

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    I had to have cortisteriods too, to mature my son's lungs, at around 28 weeks. I thought I was going into preterm labor, and was in the hospital for 3 days on the dreaded magnesium sulfate!! I was the bedrested for the rest of my pregnancy. My son was born 6 days before his due date, healthy and beautiful! He is now 16 months old and all over the place!

    At 24 weeks, the survival rate is approximately 50 percent; at 25 weeks, the rate is approximately 70 percent. Past 26 weeks, the survival rate is often greater than 90 percent. http://www.pacpubserver.com/new/health/c/hm012798....

    Do yourself the impossible favor(trust me, I know) of trying not to worry. Don't(if you can resist) go online looking everything up, relax and be positive. Talk to other women who have been through the same. I would love to talk to you if you wish! Good luck mama to be!

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    at 28 weeks there is an 90% chance of survival. Just hold on as long as you can. One day in the womb can make for life or death for your child outside of the womb. There is an overwhelming amount of medical techonology that will keep your baby alive and well. Just be prepared for your infant to spend weeks in the hospital, possibly until you orginial due date. Although you have been given steroids there is still a possibility your infant can have lasting respiratory and cardiac troubles. If your doctor has not put you on bedrest yet, you should be. It is the best bet for you and your baby right now.

    Good luck

    Source(s): Ob nursing student
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    yes your baby has a very good chance of survival. Most babies make it at this time if they were born. Just pray and hope for the best. I know plenty of babies that were born at 24 weeks, 25 weeks and up and are just fine. Your baby will be placed in the nicu for some time a few months probably but will be very well taken care of and will be home soon. your baby might make it up to even 35 weeks, which i have seen before.just stay off your feet and no hard working. Good luck!

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    Yes, if your baby was born now he would have a good chance at surviving, specially w/ the steroid shots he received 3 weeks ago. But do all that it's possible to keep that little guy in there. Try to be in bed rest. *Some days ago I received a steroid shot because I was having a leakage but lucky it heal itself. Doctor recommended bed rest. Also 28 weeks pregnant.

    Congrats and best wishes!!!

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    Yes, your bubs has a very good chance, approx 95%.

    My daughter was born at 23.2 weeks weighing 450 grams or just under 1 lb. She's now a healthy happy 3.5 year old. It's great they've given you the steroid injections. Good luck, hope bub decides to stay in as long as possible.

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    I'm curious as to why they gave you those shots? Are you going to have the baby early? From what I know, the baby would make it at this point but with help from a really good hospital that has equipment to handle early babies.

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    It really depends on the hospital you have available and what their technology offers. At Primary Childrens Hospital, which has one of the top neonatal units in the country, they can save children born this far along. I think the youngest they saved was only 24 weeks.

    Good luck, hold onto that little one as long as you can.

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    I had a friend who just had a baby and she was also 28 weeks. He was 3lbs. 14oz. and was able to come off oxygen after a short time. He doing well and is even breastfeeding. He is now almost 2 weeks old.

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