Can someone help me in Getting my Casio Exilim X70 to read on my PC!?

Ok, so I've had it for a week or so...but connected it to my PC...and a balloon came up telling me that the device has malfunctioned,etc,etc,etc. SO I try to update the drivers and nothing happens (just says I have the most current ones). I try connecting it many ways (with the camera on, with the camera off) and nothing.

Finally, I "deleted" the driver and tried to Windows Update or have windows "check for driver update" and it still says I have the most current driver.

Can't get this thing to work on my pc.

SO, can anyone give me a heads on on how to get this thing to connect to my PC? Also, where I can find the drivers for this again (I've looked in the Casio website and it is a no-go).

Thank you in advance.


Sorry, meant the Casio Exilim Z70.

Also, CD comes with drivers for Windows 98 (this being a camera released in June 2006)...

I've read on the site that it doesn't need drivers.

So, is the camera funky and not fixable or can it be fixed somehow?

I've thought about the card readers but honestly, I don't want to shell out $40 bucks for a card reader when I only have 1 camera and 1 sd card (I'll be getting a 2 gb card later on).

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    You could add the software that comes with the camera. Or.. you could remove the scan disk that is in the camera and place it in a usb media reader and read it through a usb port. Works really well and this is what I do. It will open just like any cd or floppy.


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