having website trouble?

everytime i go to my online bank site it gives me a certificate error so i put into trusted site under control panel and it still gives it to me what can i do to go around it it just started doing that

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    If you are doing any online banking and you get an error to do with the banks security certificate, it may have been comprimised and I would contact the bank. It is possible for hackers to take control of an certificate server to impersonate another entity in order to get private information. The last thing I would do is just ignore such as the other post suggested.

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    WHAT your bank has an invalid security certificate?

    Dude seriously don't use that bank, at least not online. If anything a bank should be secure, this is pretty much the same as leaving the door to the safe wide open.

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    Just dont mind it.

    Next time if you havent done this already press the check mark box saying dont tell me again.

    Hoped i helped

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