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whats the proper way to ice/heat your muscles?

time frame and or how often?


after workout time frame and how often

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    For an injury? After a workout? If you add more detail I can edit this and give you more detail.

    I am unsure of the necessity to ice or heat muscles after exercise. If you find you need to all the time you might be overdoing it. The most important thing to do is warm up, stretch lightly, workout, then stretch well holding each stretch for at least 30 seconds. If you find you do get a little sore after a workout you could try warm bath with Epsom salts in it. This is very effective for helping sore muscles. I have tried it and it makes the difference of being sore or not sore the next day. Other than that maybe moist heat and maybe another round of stretching.

    if you actually injure yourself then alternating hot and cold is really effective as it allows for maximum circulation. This should be done as soon as possible afterwards and then every hour or so.

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    Well it depends...IF there is an injury where the muscle area is Swollen or is it simply for excess excercise and just sore

    Injured Muscle----Only ICe But do not rest area on the ice for 15 minutes on 15 mintutes off every hour until swelling is resolved. If it is a hamstring you would want to lay on your stomach and rest the bag of ice wrapped in a towel on top of the injury

    DO NOT USE HEAT on an injury because heat increases circulation to the area and will cause excess bruising and additional swelling

    Sore Muscles----if its just over used muscles you can add heat for relief from a heat pad etc. same as above DO NOT LAY ON a heating pad...and DO NOT ICE sore muscles from exercise because that will cause muscle cramping and spasms

    Source(s): im a nurse practitioner
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    If there is stiffness or pain, 20 minutes ice followed by 20 minutes heat. This is what they told me to do after my knee surgeries in rehab.

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    It just depends on your tolerance, just alternate between the two and do them each for the same amount of time.

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