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Should I tell him?

I fell in love against my will with a past teacher who I think has a pretty good friendly relationship with me. I have been struggling with this for three years and I wouldn't wish the experience on my worst enemy. I am going to therapy next week and I want to be able to be free and not let my love for him ruin me like it has. I have felt, for a long time, that if I told him, then it would some how help me get over it. I want to do it tomorrow or in a few days. Should I?

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    Only if there is an option of you two getting together. Otherwise it will make you both EXTREMELY uncomfortable in the future, and could cause problems for him if he is married with a family.

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    Yeah you do that and watch that man hide from you like the plague. What are you trying to do? Get him fired? He can't have feelings for you. He is an adult. You are a child. Come on. Get over yourself. Find someone your own age.

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    It really depends how old he is! But, If he is within 10 years of you age go ahead and hug him!

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    What does your therapist think? I don't see a problem with just telling him. Just don't expect him to feel the same.

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    wait until you're out of school and then you can tell him how you feel

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