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Is there an alternative way to perminate hair removal other than the expensive laser hair removal?

any medicines,therapy,or anything.

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    Yes, there are alternatives discussed in detail--1 answers your question, good luck.

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    you can go to an electorlysis

    if you didnt know, lazer is acutally NOT perminate

    it lasts no longer than 2 years

    all the money you spent has gone down the drain if you wanted "PERMENATE removal'

    how ever there IS 1 type of hair removal that IS permanate.

    it has been used for over 120 years and it takes time

    but after the sessions you WILL be hair-free

    lets say you want lowe leg hair removed

    it usually costs 60$ an hour and depending where you want to remove hair

    it IS painful but it IS permanet

    why do laser when its not permanet when you can do something permanet for about the same price

    laser is way over priced and rated

    here are some internet information on electrolysis

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    Electrolysis and laser hair removal are “permanent” hair removal methods but are expensive and you have to find a trained professional, otherwise your skin could be damaged.

    A review of the various hair removal methods is available at

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