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I write and record my own music,,,is there a way I can post on of my songs with my blog page?

I have alot of my songs downloaded to my pc,,It would be easy to place it on my blog page if I only knew how....lol

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    You can't embed songs in your blog (you can only embed videos).. You can put one song in your blast. (But, you can change it up whenever you want.)

    Sign up for a free account @ http://snapdrive.net/ [or another file hosting website.]

    Upload the song you want to use to your Snapdrive account.

    Copy the URL of the mp3 after you've uploaded it [the website will provide the URL.. just copy it]. It should start with "http" and end with ".mp3"

    On your Y! 360, click "Edit blast." Then, paste the URL of the song into the URL section of your blast.

    Add text to your blast. Then, save.

    After you've saved it, you should see the "Play" button. Click it to ensure the song works.

    *It doesn't play automatically [Y! 360 doesn't provide an automatic play option].. anyone who wants to hear it will have to press the 'play' button.

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    Good point. At some point you may even shoot something some of us would enjoy watching. This without cluttering a web domain you may wish to establish at some time in the future. I don't personally know how it's done but I have in fact seen it done or rather heard it. Too, people have posted same for visuals as well like film students doing thesis projects in film school. Hang in, somebody'll get to you. I had a similar question on digital animation and this fellow was kind and thoroughgoing on his input.

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    Don't know about blogs etc. But be careful if you post them, you are taking the chance that someone could steal them and publish or sell them. you need to copyright protect them before you do. If they are good songs someone else could take them and you wouldn't be able to do anything about it.

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    If only I knew how to. But isn't there a place in the profile thing, maybe?

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    yea like www.xanga.com or www.myspace.com and there is also myspace music to organize all your songs

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