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how long does it usually take a platy to fully give birth?

how long does it usually take a platy to fully give birth?

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    after they start usually no longer than a day if you have it in a breeding boxs or net make sure to remove her after one day

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    Theres no longer fairly a significant situation mutually including your platies giving beginning, have that they had fry till now than? maximum fry get eaten till your tank is heavily planted in an attempt to furnish them places to cover. and there is no way of battling your platies from having fry till you're taking the male out even then they are in a position to maintain to have toddlers a protracted at the same time as after his removing. yet in case you do have some fry they many times stay to tell the story long sufficient to reach a good dimension a small save might get carry of them off besides the fact that wont present day you lots for them.

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    Once the platy is pregnant it will take 28 days. If you mean to actually release her babies then it should only take a few hours. If you have a seperate tank (10 gallons or smaller) then you shouldn't need a net, just make plenty of hiding spots. If you're using a breeding net then you should take the female out of the net once its released all of her babies. Otherwise she will eat them. If you need any more info on breeding read some of my earlier answers or e-mail at

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