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so what does all this stuff mean?

so i like this guy and he is always giving me hints that he likes me to but im not sure if he likes me or noT! hes always staring at me and flirting with me and he looks into my eyes alot and i always ketch him looking at my @ss! but one day he grabbed my friend lacy's @ss and then looked at me to see what i was doing! idk if he likes me or her! but he was talkin to my friend lacy today and he said do you get alone with anygirl i get along with and he said cause if im having my party your gunna be the only girl there cuz there really good friends and they do stuff together alot but then he was like i can invite her and he was talkin about me! what does that mean?

and does it sound like he likes me or her?

and he also told this speacil ed. guy to give me a big hug and the dude did! why did he tell him to do that?

and why did he look at just my nuggets today and say your nuggets are ugly!

and why was he eating with his guy friends then he lift them to come eat with me and lacy

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    Why don't you ask him? It sounds like he might like you but you should find out first before you get worked up!

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    He wants you both, to have sex with both of you then let you find out about each other fight over him then have sex with the winner of the fight

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