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what are some ways to see if a guy likes you without talking to him or asking him?

some ways to tell if a guy likes you besides talking or talking to him or asking him

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    You just better be a girl looking for a guy( I know a lot of Jesses and jessicas ).

    Look at his expression on his face when you look

    at him in a kind of staring/dreamy kind of way and

    see if he lets you look at him or if he hates you looking at him.But if your shy you shold really

    try talking to him and make sure he don't have a girlfriend yet.

    Source(s): I 've been in that sitiution before.
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    They sometimes stare lol. You can also pay attention to their body language.. everyone's different, but when I'm around my crush I just feel weird and my hands are fidgety LoL. You can also tell sometimes by looking in their eyes.. some ppl say that eyes are the windows of the soul.. who knows?

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    talk to the people around you because usually the person they like never know if they like him but every one else dose

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