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How do I support my boyfriend who hasn't been able to get sexually aroused for the past 3 months?????

We have been together 3 years and we are only in our early 20's

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    This could be anything.

    I'd try some open conversation, honest, listening on your part.

    Is he depressed? Has he started something new like a job? Have you recently moved? Has he just started on a new med?

    I'd answer those questions, before I started asking the harder ones such as, is this relationship ok?

    I'd always suggest looking at external factors first. Just love him, support him, don't nag him and reinforce his manhood with praise and loving support (just don't make it over-obvious, he may look at it like pity).

    Sex is a lot of things, not just intercourse. I'd get a book and read up on other love-making techniques. Sometimes people just get in a funk and they just have to "do it" to kick-start the "want" in doing it.

    Good luck :)

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    There could be health reasons for this see if you can convince him to visit his Doctor or a local clinic. Sometime diabetics and alcoholics can have a problem with impotence. I am sure there could be other health factors that could cause this as well.

    There could be another reason, however I think you would know deep down inside if there is a problem between the two of you.

    In the event of health reasons, you may need to have him check out medical care through your local welfare dept. However if there is a problem between the two of you, it's time to have a nice long talk.

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    First tell it's ok you understand, then get him to a doctor. No 20 year old should have Erectile Dysfunction or problems decoming sexually aroused.

    Could be heart problems, depresion or any number of other things.

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    Don't trip. It's a faze period that some man go through. I think it's when a man have alot of sex for a long period of time his penis will not get up for nothing. I know it lasted 3 months for me. He should be getting out of it soon. Just stay with him and try pleasing him in other ways.

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    With most couples, sometimes these things just happen.. Try something new one night.. Do a bunch of foreplay and tease him.. Then try new positions and maybe try being on top or however you want to do it.. Most of the time, if you want to please the other person, you have to be on top, as you probably know..

    good luck

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    check if he is not into wrong kind of drugs n if there is no external problem then i think u both shud try to stay away from each other for sometime n see how distance effects u ..

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    You have to telll him to go and see a doctor. Sexual dysfunction is very common and often easily addressed.

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    Viagra, Toys. He may need to see a doctor to find out what is wrong.

  • well the only reason i know of this happening is when my friends EX- boyfriend was doing cocaine, but thats just what happened to her. i say make him go to a dr

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    is he gay? that's unusual for a guy that young not to be aroused. unless he is unbelievably stressed out. or sorry to say, might be getting it elsewhere.

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