are there any people that would like to be email friends?

i dont have any computer friends i use it at work and i would like someone to chat with not like relationship wise just chill like single moms or people that have stuff in common with me a iam a single mom of two and 5 months my address is

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  • 1 decade ago
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    advice don't give out your personal info on the internet , escepially b/c you are single, their are criminals out their ok.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Hi: I would be proud to have you as an e-mail friend.I'am a much older retired gentleman that is disabled.I have about 6 gal pal's.I'am not a killer or some kind of sex freak or a pervert.I'am married happiely for 49 years.I don't get out much any more,I can't walk and my wheelchair is to much trouble to haul around.I have many interesting things to talk about.I'am noesy,I like to learn.I'am not very inteligent .I like learning about cultures and places.I love meeting people and friends and family.If you are interested you can E-mail me@'am doing it this way because you will get a lot of e-mail this way you can choose if you want me as your friend or not.Good luck.I'll be looking forward to hearing from you.Jerry

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    1 decade ago

    She's right

    but I'll email you

    mine is, my IM is the same

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