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Can you get sick from sitting outside in a hot tub in the dead of winter?

I'm talking like 20-30 degrees outside with some wind.

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    No, i have done it lots, so far to the point my wet hair was frozen. It is the most awesome time to use the tub.

    1 thing i can tell you though is make sure you dry your ears out well afterwards like you would after swimming with a drop of alchohol or other swimmers ear drops, as the heated wet atmosphere is a bacteria breeding ground and ear infections are common,

    Also, wear slippers and a robe, dont just go running thorugh the snow or anything when you get out!


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    Yes, It is the draft that will be your kryptonite.

    But no worries I do it too, there is a reason for a HOT TUB!!!!

    Have a fun soak.

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    no, cold and wind do NOT make you sick, regardless of what you hear

  • do it anyway!

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