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Why is HIV an incureable decease?

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    HIV isn't a disease it is a virus that causes AIDS an immune deficiency syndrome-leaving a person with nothing to fight diseases. Any viral, bacterial, or fungal infection that the normal immune system can fight off can cause death in a person with AIDS. Some of these infections can be treated but without the help of the normal immune system, the medications are less effective. So far the research hasn't found a way to destroy the HIV virus itself because it keeps mutating.

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    HIV is perfect at camouflage. It hides in the T-cells of the blood. The are the guardians of your immune system- The HIV attacks just the cells and kills them, whose duty it is to fight the Virus. So you don not die on HIV, you die by skin cancer, pneumonia, somthing else. The HIV only kills your immune system. The other germs, viruses and so on will do the rest.

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    I'm no pro, but what I think it is, is that any antivirus/vaccine will boost or ready T-cells for an infection or help them find the weakness of an already-existent one. However, if there aren't any working T-cells to learn how to kill them, there's no helping it.

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    Because they haven't found a cure. They have medicines to help with the symptoms but not cure the disease.

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    Because it mutates so quickly that science hasn't been able to catch up with it.

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    It's curable.

    Just have one partner and problem solved.

    "What?! That's too hard! I can't do that."

    "Awww. Ok. You get AIDS."

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