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Giving Space??

We broke up yesterday, She tells me thats i'm her best friend and the connection that we share is irreplaceable. But she needs space, she told me that we will end up together. But i think thats B/S i love this girl, Should i give her a month and then tell her that i cant be her friend only a boyfriend or nothing. Is she just playing games with me girls?? I asked her if theres another guy but she tells me no, she just doesn't want to be in a relationship. What do you girls recommend me doing. Thank you again.

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    Sorry man. She's letting you down easy. My ex-fiancee' did this to me. It's basically just up to you whether or not you want to stick around. For me it was torture, I loved her and I wanted to hold her, be with her, tell her how I felt about her. And she wanted to be friends. It's not fair to you and it wouldn't be wrong of you to leave or tell her that you can't just be friends because you still love her so much. Telling you that you would end up together was just a way to keep you around. Give her a little time if you want but she should make a choice. She needs to acknowledge your feelings.

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    When someone needs space that usually means that they are interested in someone else OR you are up her *** way too much and she doesnt want it to be like that. Being friends isnt a bad be in love with someone you need to be friends first and always. If you cant handle being her friend than you gotta make that decision BUT i guarentee you if you end the friendship you will regret it. Give her some space and see if she comes back to you and if she doesnt then it wasnt meant to be in the first place.

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