myspace unblockers?

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    This is my new standard format response for myspace users. First, if you had spent more time studying while you were in school, you wouldn’t have to ask questions about myspace. If you spent more time on your homework and less worrying about why so-and-so has more “internet friends” you might be less concerned with the proxy server bypass that will let you use your schools computer for non-school related activities. When you graduate and get a job so you can afford to buy a computer and pay for internet access I guarantee you myspace will be the least of your concerns. Until said time (if you graduate) quit wasting my tax money by studying myspace more than you study your grammar. Yes, it is my tax money that pays for your education. Chances of you being a prep-school/private school kid and not having one-on-one supervision while you update your myspace is about 4 million to 1. If it really is that important that you have to access it during school hours, why even go to school? Ask mommy and daddy if you can stay home tomorrow and flirt with child predators online. I am sure they won’t mind. Lastly, if this standard format response does not apply to your particular myspace question, oh well, I guess I won’t have you on my top five list, huh?

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    download torpark to a flash drive

  • 1 decade ago

    Try something like

  • 1 decade ago

    i love this website

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