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what are some good songs that can relate to george orwell's book "1984"?

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    David Bowie's "1984" and "Big Brother" -- in the 70's he tried to make a rock opera based around the book 1984 but the idea got scrapped after Orwell's estate rejected it. What was left over from this project was put on his "Diamond Dogs" album.

    Lots of punk rock music is based on the book also. Examples would include the Subhumans' "Big Brother" and the Dead Kennedys used much of the imagery from the book on album covers also.

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    There are quite good techniques right here. i ought to opt for to operate "The Handmaid's tale." right it is slightly a precis i recent in Wikipedia: A revolution has taken position and u . s . a . of america has become a Christian dystopia. The structure has been abrogated, and a sparkling order has been accepted: the Republic of Gilead. Gilead is ruled with the help of biblical fundamentalism and rigid enforcement of social roles. maximum electorate were stripped of their freedoms. All religions, except the reliable state faith, were suppressed. those who do not conform to the hot norms are pressed into service as handmaids and own servants or deported to "the colonies" (areas the position toxins has reached poisonous tiers) — in the journey that they are fortunate. Political and non secular dissidents, abortionists, and homosexuals are carried out and hung at "The Wall" for public show. the authorities has proclaimed martial regulation attributable to the destabilizing results of "hordes of guerrillas" roaming the nation-state, even with the actual shown truth that the actually chance from the "guerrillas" ought to correctly be a great deal exaggerated. there is more advantageous to this e book that this mini-precis tells you. visit the Wikipedia link once you're in contact.

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    Paved Paradise, put up a parking lot.

    Everyone's gone to the moon.

    I don't know if these are the names of the songs. If not, you can go to or somewhere and find them.

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    I'll be watching you by sting/the police.

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    I don't remember the name, but it says "paranoia, paranoia, everybody's coming to get me..."?

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