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what do girls do if they see a guy hey are atracted too in the mall?

like, how would you know if they were interested in being talked too or asked out also check out my other questions

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    make sure thr alone then walk over and be like hey im (ur name) andif ur hott enough be like can i have ur number, or thr gonna walk away and ur never gonna see them again

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    Well guy at the mall is not alwayz the guy that ur lookin for, cuz guy that u c at the mall more likely to have a gurl/f already. My advice is dont date the person you u just c at the mall. date the person who go to your school, work at your place, or maybe the boy next door cuz u kno dem more and they might actually find u atractive.

    Source(s): I found my tru love at my skool and we been dating for 2 yearz XD
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