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suggestions/ideas for planning a company party? especially games - party is in 2 days - simple, fun games?

I am planning a company party for about 300 people and need to quickly come up with games the guests could play. The party is in 2 days so i need to come up with fun, yet realistic games I could put together in a short amount of time. Looking for about 3 or 4 i could incorporate during dinner or even as icebreakers as guests settle in their seats. Thanks, everyone!

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    300 people is a tough numbers to hold attention.You could have a list of various obscure-ish items for each table to try and gather up like a casual scavenger hunt. Have a prize for the first table to complete their list, so if tables of 8 then have 8 gifts for the winners.. This gets people moving around and talking and joking around. Stuff like a paperclip, bobby pin, purple lipstick. You could go with condom or 1 or 2 more risque things like that, depending on the crowd. It's kinda funny. But people really mill around and get right involved if the prizes are good! Hope this helps.

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    money game( get a pint jar and fill it with pennies) they have to guess how many are in there. one closet to the amount wins the game. another game is the clothes pin game. get twelve clothes pins and a milk jug. on each turn they see who can get the most in the jug. the one with the most wins

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    pin the tail on the donkey

    musical chairs

    you cant beat the classics

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    some type of BINGO, then have a grab bag, so if someone wins, they can pick a prize!

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