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well im a christian. In sciene we are learning about the first froms of life and how they were formed. Scientiffically god did not create us. we were evolved from apes who evolved form so is god real or just a beief like santa clause?

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    You need to drop the science class and take spelling instead.

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    One of the questions you should be asking is how can man define evolution when man is just beginning to understand how we are physically made up? The last 30-years or so have provided man with the technological capabilities to begin to understand our inner workings and some of the workings around us. The simple truth is that nobody has the right answer about how and why we came about, not the scientists and not the priests or any religious figure. Remember, some of them are seeking just like you and I; others use their positions or status to seek for power and recognition by forcing their views, and some just don't care for either. The most important thing is to always listen, learn, discern and form your own beliefs. As for the belief of God and Santa Clause, I think you should give more credit to your intelligence.

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    Science is humanity's attempt at understanding matter and energy. Religion is humanity's attempt at understanding being a human. When science tries to explain awareness, it is a misuse of science. When religion tries to explain matter, it is a misuse of religion.

    All mechanics know to use the right tool for the job. That is why we don't use a computer keyboard to pound a nail into a wall and we don't use a hammer to communicate through long distances.

    One tool does not do everything. Look in your own tool kit. Even if you aren’t a mechanic, you have a few tools you use. You will have one tool for measuring, one for screw-driving, one for stapling, one for getting you to the other side of town, one for writing notes. Science and religion are separate tools. There are some “combination tools” on the market, like one tool that has a hammer at one end, a screwdriver in another part, an ink-pen in a different place, a file, a scissors. That can be handy, but you really end up with a collection of tools that aren’t as good as they would be as separate tools. The swiss army hammer isn’t a very good hammer, the screwdriver isn’t the best screwdriver, the scissors are handy, but too small and so on. Among the tools that are necessary to our lives, the greatest is knowledge.

    Knowledge in general is about relief from the fear of the unknown. The knowledge that science provides keeps us from having to be afraid of the world we live in. The knowledge that religion provides keeps us from having to be afraid of living. It is easy to confuse the two things, but vital that we see the proper use of each. Science and religion are trying to compete with each other for a supreme world-view, but the fact is that neither is complete for every purpose by itself. Science cannot tell us how to cope with fear of death. Religion can't tell us how to store food safely. We need both. If either "wins" the wrestling match they have started, humanity loses.

    Use science to help you understand the physical world. Take lessons from religion to help you understand the spiritual world. Before you dimiss the non-physical world as unimportant, remember that love, intentions, trust, perseverance and many more important qualities are non-physical.

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    Think about it this way. Religion says that there is a God who created everything in a some sort of magic.. "Let there be Light.. Let there be bla bla bla yada yada yada" and there is no mechanism that explains anything except God's will.... rain doesn't fall because of weather conditions.... its because you pray for god. F=ma only if God wants so... and can make F=0 when ma=50 if you don't go to church on Sunday and he gets upset. But Science has shown that there are RULE and LAWS for everything and they have never been proven to stop working when prayer is applied.... no more magical explanations are needed now! That's why religion evolved ... to explain things.... and that's how we no longer need it.... because how it works and how to make it work our way!

    Think about the God of Thunder, Sun, Planets, Love, War,....etc.... and how ridiculous they sound to you today. Monotheism is basically saying that all these Gods don't exist, not because they are ridiculous but because all these powers are found in one and only God. That doesn't make it more logical, its simply having one Big Universal Set of Myths. If it wasn't for monotheism we would have Gods like the God of Genes, the God of the Ozone, and the God of Internet! Monotheism is saying that God has power over the internet .... huh!....yes... pray to your Lord and there will be no viruses or spam!!

    There is Evidence, whether you like the theory or not, you have to explain what does all this evidence show if you wanna challenge evolution! There has been no other explanation till now better than evolution. Creationism tries to find holes in evolution but can't stand by itself as a theory that explains evidence. Creationism proves lack of evidence... that's all what it does! Creationism is a bet that scientists won't find an answer to the origin of life .... once they find it .... bame! no more creationism! Creationism if anything is an attack on objective scientific research and should only be discussed in churches or any other religious institution.

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    I like to use the term "Creator: for it has a much smoother connotation. In this world I am being lead to the Native American concept of Creator of all things. You have mentioned in science that they are pushing the concept of evolving from apes. Because someone is pushing this there does not make it so. There are many links missing in there attempt to establish this point. We all should be on a mission to learn our truth for our truth shall set us free - talk is cheap - believe nothing that you hear & only half of what you read unless you experience it first hand in your life? I hope I have given you some clearness?

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    A Christian is someone who is a follower of Christ. Not just a believer. Satan believes and trembles at His name. You start you question out by announcing that you are a Christian. Following Christ means that you have a relationship with Him. You cannot make a claim to be something and then demonstrate skepticism over the tenets of what that something is.

    Science cannot prove or disprove the existence of God. Neither should they be presenting as fact a theory that cannot be validated with evidence. The reason they tell you that evolution is how it all began is because the best answer to the question of origins offends their wishful thinking of how they want the world to be.

    The only real evidence for the existence of God is a personal subjective experience which is the revelation of God to the heart.

    It takes a step of faith to believe in God but this does not invalidate His claims. We all act in faith everyday of our lives. We have faith in the airline pilot, the bus driver, our friends and family.

    All this is based on evidence and there is ample evidence that supports the existence of God everywhere except that we ignore the convictions of our conscience, the deep longings in our hearts and the demonstration of love in a world that loves darkness and thrives on hate. If you believe that there is a possibility of God existing then you have to also believe that He has a purpose and design for your life and is capable of bringing to fulfillment those things which would draw you to Him. You must first believe that He is and you must also believe that faith in God will neccessarily be met with strong opposition from the adversary, that entity that uses alot of atheists and agnostics

    on yahoo answers to demonstrate their ignorance. God gave you a brain and believe it or not actually thinks you can use it. Being a Christian does not mean that you put your intellectual capacity on hold but rather His word tells you to search the scriptures and to reason together with Him. As you respond to Him He gives you more light until He dwells in your heart as Lord and Savior,preserved from eternity past from the likes of those fools who say in their hearts that there is no God.

    God Bless You

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    God is real, and just because something is taught to you in school doesn't make it right. God tells us in the Bible to be prepared to be lied to. Be very careful, and always put God first and foremost. Make the world fit what God has told us. Don't make God fit what the world has told you about him. I believe that evolution is active today, but I think it all started once God created us. I believe that a dog can evolve from a wolf or something like that, or a cat can come from a tiger. I don't believe though that we as people came from mud. Search creationism, and whatever you do, stay faithful to God and he will direct you. Science is awesome and can be used with God, after all he created it. Just make sure that the very thing God created for us, isn't used to deny his existance.

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    There is absolutely no way to know for sure. I don't see us ever actually knowing how and why this universe came to be, why things are the way they are. So many things had to come together and the possibilities are unlimited as to what we could be and what this place could be like.

    I refuse to believe all of it was just a coincidence. I can no longer find in myself the ability to look around at the trees, the sun, the stars and say that there is no God and no purpose for us to be.

    I used to be like several of you; I didn't believe in a God and definitely not the bible. But after looking at the way things fall together, the way everything works, I can't anymore.

    For example, we need sleep in order to operate, and the sun goes out so many hours at a time. So tell me, did planets just happen to form around a sun and happen to orbit in a fashion that made it dark at some times and light at others for no reason?

    You might say that life evolved to live on this earth based on the way that this Earth happened to be. If so, why can't life evolve to live on planets like Mars, Venus, Saturn, the sun, ect.? Who says our requirements for life would be the same as others? They wouldn't, because according to evolution life would evolve based on what resources it had.

    We didn't evolve based on other requirements, we eveolved based on what we had on this planet to survive. Why can't life evolve on other planets too? I just don't understand it.

    Maybe it's like that because a creator, God, Allah, whatever you call him/it, planted a metaphorical seed on this one planet. Maybe evolution was a planned thing, designed for us as the end product.

    Why is it in a humans nature to love in order to reproduce? Why don't we just reproduce asexually? It would be more efficient.

    I'm not saying I know the answers. Nobody does. All I can do is sit back and speculate... There are holes in EVERYONE'S ideas, and they can't all be right... Did you ever think that maybe we can't understand it because we aren't supposed to?

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    God(Jehovah) Is real my friend we did'nt come from apes. That is the devils trick, to get U to believe that God doesn't exist. God simply spoke this World in to existance. He creted Adam & Eve, placed them in the garden. It never cease to amaze me how science,evolution, & atheis go hand, and hand.Thay spend all there time & energy trying to prove that God does not exist. Ask yourself this, why would u argue against something, if U dont believe it exist?..

    If the Earth was either 10 degrees away from the Sun we wold Freeze, if it was 10 degrees closer, we would burn. Just look @ your fingerprints, NO one has the same prints. We are so perfectly created(DNA) we couldn't possibly come from Monkeys!

    Futhermore, When U go outside & say 2day is a beautiful day, do u think, that just happened?.We are crated, so there must be a creator, and his name is Almighty GOD! He is great! splendid in all his ways!..What a Awsome, and Mighty GOD we serve!.If U don't know him my friend, get a Bible, and read John 3:16..


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    In the name of Allah, the Gracious, the Merciful.

    God is the light of the heavens and the earth. His light is as if there were a lustrous niche, wherein is a lamp. The lamp is inside a glass-globe. The globe is, as it were, a glittering star. The lamp is lit from the oil of a blessed tree -an olive - neither of the East nor of the West, whose oil well-nigh would shine forth even though fire touched it not. Light upon light! God guides to His light whomsoever He pleases. And Allah sets forth parables for men, and God knows all things Hidden..

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    Evolutionists have all kinds of crazy answers about spontaneous generation. They accept anything but a Creator. This is a fact, life CAN NOT develope out of non-living matter, ever, period. Physical life came from the Life Giver, the Creator, God. And no, no one created God. He is the eternal, self existing one, outside of time.

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