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my ex says she wants a break because school,probation,familly, life,etc,etc,etc, is stressing her out.?

she says she wants a break and she allways strikes up an arguement with me. we never used to argue but now it seems like shes begging for it. she came from a broken home and so did i but i dont say half the bs she does, shes confusin the s!@# out of me and neva even trys to talk to me n e more. one time we was just sitting there and she started making out with me even thou she claims we are on a break and arnt supposed to be doing that, but when i try to "put the moves on her" shell say were on a break. should i just dissappear from her? i really,really,really,really,really,really,really,really,really, love her and i know ( i hope) she used to love me. please make sense of all this . please.

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    Sigh... My ex-fiancee' said this when she wanted a "break". It means that there's a lot going on in her life and you're the one that she's decided to cut out to relieve some stress. Sorry. You can stick around until the other parts of her life tone down. Or, You could leave her, it wouldn't be wrong on your part because you love her and you shouldn't have to suppress those feelings because she can't deal with them now and decided that you were the thing she wants to cut out of her life. It's up to you but... In my case, I tried to stick around and she ended up breaking it up for good because I still loved her so much and she didn't. Good luck.

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    Well she's confused herself, she's either teasing you or she really is stressed out, tell her too when she kisses you, were on break, and see what she says, if this girl is always argueing then something is bothering her, either you or yeah her problems, sometimes they need some time alone, you know to think stuff over, let her chill on her own for a while and you go with your friends, you really love her, so just wait untill she's ready and see if she missed you then she'll be a little nicer to you, or either, she's just trying to break up with you but not saying it straight out, talk to her straight out.

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    it's not her it's you.she is just sick of you, she should be happy to see you, and all the stress should melt away when she does. and that is not happening.

    as for the making out,if you stay with someone long enough that you don't like you will eventually like them again,you couldn't imagine how many times i hated my girl, but she refused to leave, and the relationship always ended feet up in the end.i just can't wait to see how this whole life thing turns out.

    p.s. there are much much better women in the world, you shouldn't limit yourself to just one, that doesn't even want you.

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