Can you stain a carpet?

I have a dark green carpet, and somehow it got a lighter stain on it. Is there any way to die it back? It's just a normal type of carpet, nothing fancy.


Its kinda like a bleachy type stain, so a carpet cleaner didn't work before.

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    If you want your carpets to take on a new look and don't want to spend the money to replace them you should consider carpet dye. It's a low cost alternative that will give your carpet a total face lift.

    Many types of carpets can be dyed including Polyester, polypropylene, and acrylic cannot be dyed by normal carpet dyers however at we have developed a special system to enable the ability to dye these and your other furnishings as close to your desired colours as possible. The current colour of your carpet will determine what colour you can dye your carpet. For example if your carpet is red and yellow dye and you would get an orange carpet. Of if your carpet was blue and you added red you would get a purple carpet, (see our colour shades chart. White and light beige carpet can be dyed any colour but only a few extra coats can you get a deep black however it obviously costs more. You normally can never go lighter when dying carpet, only darker, however many colours brighten giving a lightening effect. ...............(More from link)

  • You can have it dyed. However, if it is an older carpet or extremely worn in some spots, the carpet may not be receptive to being re-colored.

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    Hi I had the exact same problem the other month I found this site and at the bottom of the they have a color chart I emailed the people there and they helped me get the problem solved. It was simple once I knew how. Their email is they should be able to help unless you have a large bleach mark they just said use a very very!!! weak navy dye it fixed mine right up mine was yellow on a green carpet. When I thought about school yellow and blue make green DUH silly me.

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    just buy a basic type of carpet cleaner.

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    yes go to a carpet store they will have specific dyes for your use

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    cover your entire carpet with the substance you stained it with in the first place

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    Maybe you should try sharpie, like in that sharpie commercial w/ the car.

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