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how do you make older friends?

not wayyy older.

im in 8th grade.

friends with alot of freshman.

couple sophmores.

1 or 2 junoirs.

but i want more.

tell me how!

im not looking to do sexual stuff with them.

but tell me how.

and i dont have a sister in high school.

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    just be yourself since you ALREADY have older friends, chances are you'll get even more!! i'm the same age and i have lots of older friends like you and thay like me for who i am! so dont ever change cuz mostly having self confidence and being cool with yourself and others is what attracts people!

    gd luck-p.s im in 8th too!

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    Get involved in extracurricular activites that all grades are involved in. They can be athletic, academic, school-specific (like yearbook) and be kind and out going.

    If you take opportunities to friendly, kind and mature---older people will want to spend time with you.

    Don't make the mistake of being obnoxious or coming across as cheap/easy. You will attract older people, just not the ones you want.

    If you put out Alpo, you'll attract the dogs.

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    Show them that you are mature. Be serious most of the time but not too serious because that's just boring. Juniors and seniors are really concerned with college stuff so talk to them about college stuff like football. Also talk about cars, prom and other senior and junior stuff. Overall be well rounded and a sweetheart. Just be mature and dont be too loud or overexcited like a baby.

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    okay... you don't get them any certain way. you meet them and form a friendship. just to let you know (you don't seem like you know yet) you can't go "friend hunting" or anything, you'll just have to see what life brings you and enjoy the friends you have now! besides, why do you 'need' older friends? ok never mind i guess it is fun to have older friends because they seem to be more fun and less annoying than some that are the same age or younger... ok whatever i'm totally off track here!

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  • Well what I do is hang out with one of your friends when their with their friends. Or just start talking to them. I know it might be gross but since I'm the biggest social butterfly I'm friends with like 18 to 21 year old people. Creepy but I know I can trust them. Just as friends. Not sex buddies or any thing.

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    Don't be in a rush for friends . True friends will meet you when it is the right time try to form a tight relationship with the friends that you already have and don't forget the books.

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    Volunteer to help out at the local high school events. Stage crew for the theater department was always in big demand for example.

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    Hang out with your older friends alot and you will meet more people. It just depends I guess if you already hang out with your frineds alot then go to there football games and pep rallies that stuff. I hope this helps.

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    In order to hang out with people you need to be on their level. Be mature and find people you share intrests with.

    Don't get yourself into trouble.

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    try the local Bingo Hall

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