I'm going to be induced early......?

Due to a blood clot I got at about 10 weeks.I was just wondering kinda what to expect and for those of you who have been induced,how did you labor in the hospital.Should I bring magazines or what? I know what it is like to be in labor but I did it at home with my first one.I don't like the fact of being at the hospital the whole time but I am just asking for some advice on what to bring....Thanks

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    Had to be induced all three times due to toximia near the end of pregnancy.

    First one I checked in monday evening 6:00 36 hrs later had a baby, all natural except a local for episiotomy.

    Second one, a little shorter labor, 29 hours, water was broken for over 24 they scheduled a C-section and everything broke loose while they were prepping the OR. Wild delivery for the last 30 minutes. long a slow with tiring contractions before that.

    Third one. My old doc retired and my new one did higher doses of pitocin. Tough labor but only took from 6:00 am to 3:21 to get a baby. I got an epidural around 2.

    So you never know what you'll get. But you'll be tied up to monitors which is infuriating. So bring anything to distract yourself. They would let me out for a whirlpool or a walk occasionally but you have an IV and a IV tree whcih is cumbersome. So read magazine or sew or something to keep your focus a bit off being in the hospital.

    It will soon be over, or I sould say it will soon be over if you get a heavy dose of pitocin. -- Much love to you during your labor.

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    My first son was once brought on approximately 10 days early seeing that of his dimension. The sonograms upped his due date. RIght now I'm 32 weeks pregnant and am getting a c-phase on 12/five (36 weeks) seeing that of placental previa. Preeclamsia, damaged membranes, and diabetes also are causes for early induction. Basically every time this can be a danger for the child or mom to move the entire forty weeks the selection is made to provide early. Doctors will attempt to maintain the child in for so long as feasible. 37 weeks is regarded complete time period and the nearer you're to this date the larger. I was once advised that daily in takes to the air a million week within the NICU.

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    You will probably NOT feel like reading. I don't want to scare you, but it's better if you're prepared. Induced labor is usually like going from 0 to 60 in about 2 seconds flat! The labor is more intense, and contractions are closer. You should consider a spinal block ahead of time.

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    I was induced with my last child and it was AWFUL!!!!

    They gave me an IV drip to start my contractions, then the allowed me to go into the Jacuzzi tub and my contracts stopped. It was awful, I don't recommend it AT ALL but I guess you don't have a choice. I think your better off leaving the mag's at home and get ready for some pain!

    Also be warned I've read that inducing can cause Jaundice and guess what I had to take my son back to the hospital at 5 days for Jaundice and we had to stay for 6 additional days.

    I know everyone is different but just wanted to let you know.

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    I was induced with Pectosin and it took 36 hours from start to finish. My husband brought our Nintendo Gamecube to the room and we played games for hours... lol. Your contractions shouldn't get really hard until it gets close to time, so it really all depends on how quickly you dialate. I would bring things to do just in case. You may need them and you may not, but at least you'd have them and wouldn't have to send Daddy off for stuff then have him miss something if you do go into active labor. Good luck!

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    It depends on how they start the induction. I had the prostaglandin gel inserted on my cervix twice about 8 hours apart...did nothing and they sent me home the next day. My water broke when I was at home...went back...still no labour. They waited till the next morning and hooked me up to a pitocin drip...and WOW those contractions hit hard...I had to have an epidural right away because they were so intense.

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