Meeting new people after moving to a new area?

I have recently moved to a new area and don't know anyone, i work from Home so i can't meet people that way, and it is really starting to get me down, as i am feeling really lonely now. So i thought i would post a message and see if people have any idea??

Thanks for any help!


I was thinking about taking a evening class, and was wondering if that is a good idea for meeting people?

Also what the best way to find out what is going on in my area?

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    Join a gym, go for coffee to the same little spot everyday, join a dance club or ski club. There are many ways to meet people, just don't try so hard. It's when you are not trying at all that it will happen. Good luck to you. I hope you soon meet someone.

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    Here are some suggestions:

    If you're the church-going type, you could try that... There are lots of churches out there and each has a different style. It could take a while to find the right "fit," but once you do, you can meet lots of nice people there.

    Check into whether there is a neighborhood improvement group in your area. You can meet your neighbors, learn more about your neighborhood, get involved in neighborhood projects.

    You can also volunteer for an organization whose mission you care about: animal shelter, hospital, soup kitchen, environmental agency, political groups, etc. You'll probably meet like-minded people there who you connect with.

    Join a professional organization for people who share your same type of job. You can network, learn more about your profession, develop your skills and meet some people in your industry who probably have some things in common with you.

    No matter what you do, don't be a wallflower. Be friendly, introduce yourself and shake hands. Get involved on a committee and get active. People will get to know you quickly!

    Good luck, and enjoy your new friendships!

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    Well join a club or sumthing that u r comfy with and ull find many ppl there who have the same interest. when u make the big approach be urself and make an intro. then ur conscience will take over.

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    Join You can search for locals in your area by name, race, religion, age, sex, orientation... and MORE. Its 100% free and I've met about 60-70 people this yr. Its alot of fun. Its hard to make friends already... This made it so much easier!

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    ask a question on here and c where the hot and exciting areas are

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