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Why is it that only the human race fight against one another and not other races?

Why? Us humans fight with each other in wars killing one another as for other races such as cats don't do that.....


but other races don't kill one another like humans do we kill our own race...

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  • Tim N
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    What do you call a war? Cats fight each other from time to time. They don't fight "wars" simply because they are not sociable enough animals to be able to organise whole armies to oppose each other.

    Cute little meerkats are sociable enough to organise themselves into largeish groups, and they will kill each others pups. They don't fight wars in the sense of lining up on a battlefield and fighting adult against adult, but they will kill their neighbours' defenseless youngsters if given the chance.

  • kiddo
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    Pretty much everything fights. A lot of insect battles are fought for mates. Deer and Elks have evolved huge horns to fight with, lions fight over prides, female lions fight to defend their territories, other primates have been known to gang up on and kill other primates for no apparent reason.

    I think our fighting is just more obvious since it's so awfully brutal. With all of our claiming to be the best species, we haven't evolved past the basic instincts of territory defense and mate defense.


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    cats fight all the time and so do dogs. they fight for dominates and so do wild animals such as tigers and even dolphins fight. where did u get your information at.

  • 1 decade ago

    There is only one human race!

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    what do u mean? who else can the human race fight against? animals? we eat them remember? aliens?

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    All animals/bugs/insects ect fight all the time.

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