is it possible to stop loving your parent?

i'm eighteen, and in the past six months i have grown to really hate my dad. the thing is, he really isn't doing anything to me. i just started to notice how to treats my mom (not too good) and how he thinks "men are better" and comments on this from time to time. i feel like i'm always protecting my mom from my dad. i get so tired sometimes =( of course he makes mistakes too but he's so **** ignorant to admit it. i'm also daddy's little girl to him and i hate it too. so i do things sometimes to make it equal. i've ignored him alot and not really acknowledge that he's there. i've just really grown to HATE who he is. is this wrong? what can i do?

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    1 decade ago
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    Hmmm... the thing here is that you are grown now and independent and more aware and I think that's why it's bugging you now more than before.

    He has his ways and you strongly disagree with some of them because now you can. Perhaps you are hyper tuned in to his comments now and almost waiting for them.

    You sound intelligent and I'm wondering if you can catch your dad at a quiet time and tell him how these things really do bother you. Perhaps you've told him before but maybe at the time when the bad comment was made so perhaps you told him in anger.

    People often don't listen seriously when someone is angry.

    I bet he is not really taking you seriously because he doesn't realise that you have grown kind of happens before a parents eyes, but they find it hard to see, or maybe don't want to see. You see, parents rule the roost for years and years and it's quite a shock to realise they have another adult in the house and it takes time for them to accept this and adjust their ways. Some parents never realise this then they need to be told.

    So in conclusion, think about the things you want to say to him, and think about how what he says makes you FEEL. Meet up when you both have plenty of time, sit down somewhere private (so he knows this is serious) and talk....don't get loud or angry and also listen to him too.

    Oh, and for a parent that never listens or constantly interrupts, I would write a letter and leave it for them so they find it at a time when they're not busy. He WILL take on board what you have to say, it'll be up to him then what he does.

    I hope this helps, best wishes.

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    well that is kinda worng you should find out way he is mean to your mom

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