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What should I do?!?

okay last Sat. My dad went to the emergency room becuz he had fainted. everyone thinks he had a heart attack but he insits he is fine and won't c a doctor!

He talked to my sis (who is studing to be a doctor she in med school) and she said that he described shooting pains in his left arm and did not feel well!. My dad drinks a lot and smokes A LOT and is kinda well very chubby ( not big bones BY EATING) he said he passed out becuz out achocal and won't c a doctor!! HOW CAN I CONVINCE HIM TO C A DOCTOR?!?

~~thanks to ppl who answered!~~

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    Your father is doing what most men do...deny. This type of action is the reason most men die younger than most women. We do all the wrong things and then deny the problems when they first appear. Really really stupid.

    Get dad to a good heart specialist. Don't take no for an answer.

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    Your father is in denial. Your sister in medical school may be the best one to convince him. They should have determined in the ER if he had a heart attack or not and would have probably kept him unless he signed himself out against medical advice

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