Could I be any more confused!?

If you thought your bf/gf had a mental illness that wasn't being treated (or was being ignored altogether), how would you convey your concern and suggest they get help? I care A LOT about this girl, we've dated for some time now, but, looking back, I have always known there was something odd about the way we relate to each other. I think I know what is REALLY going on (though she hasn't told me; she may or may not know herself). I do respect her privacy, but I also care for her a lot, so I am torn about what to do. Half of me says to let her come to her own conclusions while the other half instinctively knows she will just continue to blame herself for the disintegration of our relationship b/c of this potential condition and, therefore, am almost willing to let her hate me (for bringing this to her attention) in the hopes that she will eventually agree w/ me (even if she never talks to me again) and get the help she needs. What would you do?

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    If you really care about her, you will risk the status of your relationship to try to help her. If you don't and the problem just continues to be ignored, your relationship will fall apart anyway, so you really have nothing to lose by trying to get her some help. However, you shouldn't try to do it alone. Does she have a network of friends and family who also have noticed her behavior? You could maybe talk with them and stage an intervention or something. Good luck to you.

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    Really caring about someone means you will do all you can to help.

    Even if it means anger from the other person

    Tell her how you really feel about her.

    Explain that you want her to better and you will help her in any way/ ways you can.

    If she is understanding and cares about you and wants to a part of your life she will listen and talk about it.

    She will seek professional help.

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    your right she will blame herself!!! you want whats best for this should encourge her to seek help!! this is what she will thank you for in the end.. everyone needs support!! reassure her that you care for her.. you want whats best for her..even if it does mean that you separate as a result.. you will no then that you tried your best to support her in this situation!!!

    could you bear the fact that see never talks to you again..???

    yes because deep down you no you tried your damn hardest!!!

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    I have been diagnosed as bipolar myself, and I am in an almost perfectly healthy relationship...besides the fact that we can't get him to find his libido....we are only 25.....I say if you love her....and she loves you...nothing else matters...let her know how you feel

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    what are u doing sitting there on the computer go get ur *** up and help her

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