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What is the color of nothing?

I think either black (no color is reflected) or white (no color is absorbed); leaning towards white.


about clear-you see the color behind it!

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    The color of nothing is nothing.

    Xan Shui,

    Philosophic Philanthropist, Honest Man

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    I would say black. Since "no color is reflected" would include the situation in which there is "nothing" to reflect said light. Obviously some things absorb light and these things appear black. But nothingness can not reflect light (or emit or scatter photons). Since color is a function of light, and nothing can not reflect light (while only something can) then "no color is reflected" is the answer, i.e. Black.

    But then, is black a color? Or simply the state of NO color. If

    you want to know what nothing looks like, then black is the state of no color existing, and the answer is black. If you consider black to be a color then, too bad, nothing can not have color.

    White is the color you get when all frequencies of light are reflected. White is the color of "everything"(?), so to speak - not nothing.

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    There are two ways you can look at color, as in pigment or light. Lets start with Pigment , the 3 primary colors of a color copier are Cyan, Magenta, Yellow from these 3 colors all other colors are made. If you were to mix all 3 pigment it would create Black. So the absence of the three colors printed on a white sheet of paper will create the white clouds, or the white cap waves.

    On the other hand when we are dealing with light we use RBG meaning Red ,Blue ,Green. With these 3 color lights we can create the many colors you see on your monitor. When you turn on all three light at the same time and on the same spot, the spot will turn white, just the opposite of pigments/ toners. If you remove the light completely your screen turns black.

    So to answer your question if you are speaking of color light, remove "nothing" the color is Black.

    In printing with the use of pigment/toner , "Nothing" would leave you White on your paper.

    check out www.rgbworld.com

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    Nothing is not matter. All matter reflects or absorbs light. (e.g. Black holes absorbs light while a mirror reflects light.)

    Nothing? Nothing. Make this question more specific, then I can provide a more accurate answer.

    Who the **** gave me that bad rating

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    clear or translucent --- since color is a reflective property = you are what color you reflect = then when light passes through an object there is no reflection of light therefore no color

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    Nothing is not a substance. Relational properties don't have colors. It's like asking what color is the wind.

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    white is the presence of all colors, black is the absence of all colors

    nothing cannot be described by a color because it is abstract

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    How about clear. Clear is nothing. Great question

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    neither one its the color of nothing like its always been, check the color charts and you will see it.

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    blind people are said to see a deep brown though

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