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Will drinking lots of tea (with Splenda) help me loose weight?

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    There are several ways to loose weight; here's a video to explain it for you

  • SteveN
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    Some diets out there have you trying this and that (more tea, less sugar, no starch, more protein, etc...) and these may show some weight changes over a short term period, but most of these people end up going off the diet once they reach their desired weight, and then they gain it right back.

    I would suggest you think of it this way:

    "Weight loss is a matter of simple mathematics. If you burn off more calories than you take in, you will lose weight."

    If you take in 2500 calories during the day, but only burn off 2000 of those calories, you will start gaining weight. If you work out and have a healthy balanced diet of small to medium size portions, you should lose the weight.

    And when I say work out, I don't mean you have to go to the gym and do the stairmaster or weights every day. It could be as simple as taking a brisk 30 minute walk around your neighborhood. If you don't want to go out, then get a treadmill or bike and just do 30 minutes of that each day while watching Oprah or 70s Show, or whatever your favorite show is...

    Source(s): Dr. Joe Schwartz from McGill University in Montreal gave a lecture on dieting and explained calories and weight loss from a scientific point of view. He did mention that genetics and disease can interfere with weight loss, but the principles he outlined were sound. You can find out more info about this and other topics at their website:
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    I've tried many diets and couldn't make anything work. Since having my first child, I've been carrying around an extra 30 pounds. This diet just made sense and showed me that everything I was doing before was wrong and a waste of my time.

    The plan was so refreshing and so simple to follow. I did everything plan said and lost 23 pounds in the first three weeks. I'm now starting the diet again to lose 7 more pounds. This plan has changed my life.

    Get started today!

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    Sure if you don't eat anything else, just drink tea.

    But honestly, there is no magic bullet to loosing weight. it's not sold in a pill, drink, or potion. It' take changing your eating habits and quantities portions along with the dreded,..."EXERCISE"

    Look at those people on TV's "The Biggest Looser" show. Do you see them loosing 10 lbs a week by sitting at the PC and drinking tea?

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    1 decade ago

    Yes because you're essentially getting water, and the splenda adds no calories. I really like peppermint tea with splenda - good luck!

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    Green tea. No Splenda (it's still an empty calorie)

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    If you want to lose weight, then drink lots of water. Stop eating food with lots of salt and sugar and DON'T USE SPLENDA.

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    although having tea can reduce stress(which might cause some extra pounds), it is not directly a way to lose weight.

    and btw, splenda contains things that aren't exactly healthy....

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    1 decade ago

    Tea is an awesome antioxidant so it really may help in loosing weight. Especially if you are drinking tea in place of coffee or pop or sugary juices. Hope that helps!

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    Basically you're going to go on a tea-diet, no? You're going to replace your meals with tea.

    From the outside, you think: "YES! I'll lose weight because I'm cutting calories!"

    Here's the deal: your body needs nutrients, and those nutrients aren't going to come only from tea. To lose weight and keep it off, you're going to have to just eat well and exercise. You can't lose weight without exercise.

    If you replace your soda pop addiction with tea...great!

    If you replace your meals with tea...bad idea. You're basically going to be going on a starvation diet.

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