After your water breaks, do you automatically get contractions?

After your water breaks, do you automatically get contractions? or could your water break and you not know it (with no signs of contractions or anything)?

It's not happening to me, I am just curious!


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    Your water can break and sometime the contractions wont start for hours. There are even times where your water can trickle down and your not sure if its broken or not. the best thing to do if your water breaks is get to the hospital and get checked out. if its not broken they will just send you home but they have ways of telling if it has broken or not. i hope this is helpful

    Source(s): My mom was a labor and delivery nurse for over 42 years and im a nurse that works in the nursery
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    I had a weird experience with this! I thought my water maybe broke (but not like the major water breaking you hear of, it kind of was like I peed my pants, etc, it happened in the middle of the night) anyway, went to the hospital and they tested me and they couldn't tell if my water was "broken" or not. It was just kind of leaking. So I didn't experience contractions at that point, but was put on a really low pdrip and they started right up. So, I think sometimes your water can just "kind of" break :)

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    Aside from braxton hicks contractions, I didn't get contractions for about an hour after my water broke. A friend of mine had contractions before hers broke, so it depends on the person...everyone is different. As for noticing if your water broke...sometimes you can leak amniotic fluid (in which case you probably would notice discharge, and you'll probably want to ask your doctor about it to be on the safe side - you can never be too careful with your health), but when your water breaks notice.

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    You can actually have contractions with out your water even breaking. You water may never break even up until you give birth. You doctor may have to break it for you.

    On the other hand after the water breaks or is broken the contraction tend to become more intense.

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    I am not sure and have the same question in my mind, but I have hared that you might not get the contractions, and if you do not get it after 24 hrs Dr has to help you with it.

    but I think you will feel if your water breaks

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    My water broke on a Wed...I went back to the contractons didn't start till Thurs morning and only because they gave me pitocin to get tehm going...when the pitocin hit those contractions were pretty strong.

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