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i have asked a couple of questions regarding my earlier questions if i should be waiting for two weeks to get an answer on asking the love of my life to marry me. the feedback on here is basically 70% saying that i shouldnt have to wait even a couple of days for an answer. the sad thing is I really agree, & now i dont know what to do. but i did tell her that this friday is the deadline for her to answer me. but, here is another thorn in my side. she has a FINAL EXAM to take in 8 days on tues. she must get 149 out of 150 right to pass her RN course. so do i become an *** from hell on friday & ask for the answer, or wait until the day after the exam & then ask. if she doesnt give me an answer on friday, i walk, she cries, & most likely fails the test. if i wait, dont pressure her, & she STILL fails, well that isnt my fault, and i can always know that her failing school wasn't my doing. im stuck once again and im getting mad at this waiting game by keeping everything inside my head!!!

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  • Amy R
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    1 decade ago
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    If she has to wait to answer you because she is studying for an exam........then she isn't the one for you! You want someone who will answer, YES YES YES! Immediately after you ask. Then she can study, plan, whatever. All the while engaged to wonderful you. Withdraw it, walk away and know she will be someone else's problem.

  • Jenny
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    1 decade ago

    Do you plan on leaving her if she says no? Maybe she is just really stressed about the test and getting her career on track before she gets engaged. You shouldn't leave her if she says no. Just wait until the day after the exam and then ask her why it's taking so long for u to get an answer. Communicate! It's very important to communicate and neither of you seem to be doing so. If you love her don't just walk away.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    OK, so it sounds like you know the answer. Do you really want to make a lifetime commitment to someone who has to think about marrying you?

    But you do get credit for considering your audience and the timing. I don't think an extension of time should change the answer, but I do think it would be courteous to give her until after the exam. Then you are a gentleman, and not a pr*ck.

  • 1 decade ago

    Asking a woman to become your wife is like going to a job interview. You have to tell her what the benefits are if she marries you. For example, if she has more important things going on in her life right now, you wait until the time is right. Don't try to get the corner office. Concentrate on getting the job first.

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