Is it true Scientology was started on a bet by it's founder?

I'm not bashing it, I seriously want to know.

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    Yes, it's absolutely true. L. Ron Hubbard and another writer mutualy decided the only way to get power and become rich was to start a religion. They made a bet on who could start a religion first. Hubbard won, thus creating scientology. Its easily the most rich "religion" you'll find.

    L. Ron Hubbard has been quoted as saying: "Writing for a penny a word is ridiculous. If a man really wants to make a million dollars, the best way would be to start his own religion"

    The cult is mostly a high powered scam. It pays members 10% commissions, called FSM (Field Staff Member) commissions, on new recruits they bring in who take a course or get counseling, so Scientology members routinely try to "sell" Scientology to others.

    The new members then, in turn, donate vast amounts of money to the "church". Here is a run-down of all the costs involved with Scientology:

    Here is testimony from a woman who had been involved in exposing Scientology and other cults for most of her adult life:

    Even more proof that Scientology is out for your money... here is Hubbard discussing turning Scientology into a "religion" for profit:

    "I am not quite sure what we would call the place - probably not a clinic - but I am sure that it ought to be a company, independent of the HAS but fed by the HAS. We don't want a clinic. We want one in operation but not in name. Perhaps we could call it a Spiritual Guidance Center. Think up its name, will you. And we could put in nice desks and our boys in neat blue with diplomas on the walls and 1. knock psychotherapy into history and 2. make enough money to shine up my operating scope and 3. keep the HAS solvent. It is a problem of practical business. I await your reaction on the religion angle. In my opinion, we couldn't get worse public opinion than we have had or have less customers with what we've got to sell. A religious charter would be necessary in Pennsylvania or NJ to make it stick. But I sure could make it stick."

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    L. Ron Hubbard stated several times before Scientology that the way to get rich would be to start a religion. After he wrote "Dianetics," he expanded it into a religion to enjoy tax benefits and charge his followers to advance through the levels of the organization. He even started his own personal navy. Check out for all kinds of information.

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    What is now the Church of Scientology began as small groups of people gathered to do Dianetics counseling.

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    Scientology is not religion or spirituality. It is a counseling method that doesn't work for most people. It is especially ineffective for people who don't have much money.

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    Making $$$ out of people who need help is a much better explanation than a bet!

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    No actually it was started by a bum on a bet over belly button lint.

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    I can't think of any other reason to start a cult based on a 3d rate science fiction novel...

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    Nope, Scientology evolved from Dianetics when it was discovered that people under auditing were regressing to past life experiences. But what really changed this technology into a religion was the discovery of out of body experiences. The definition of Dianetics is "trough mind". Scientology is the study of the spirit in relationship with the universe and God.


    1. What is true for you is what you yourself observe to be true.

    2. Man is his spirit not his mind or his body.

    3. The spirit creates his own mind. Please, do not confuse the mind with the brain that is a physical thing. The mind is composed of mental image pictures as explained in Dianetics. These pictures serve the spirit to give him knowledge and experience. These pictures are composed of energy. The energy in the picture can affect the spirit. You can feel better by remembering something that you like or angry by remembering something else. These emotions are actually energy waves emanated by the picture. You can actually feel pain by remembering a pain memory. Sometimes these pictures are accompanied by ideas or considerations. Lets suppose that you father beat you mom up in front of you. Your father was the dominating figure so you might conclude that you have to act like your father in some situations. This is what we call on Scientology an aberration (a conclusion that is imposed to you by a mental picture). This picture is what we call a engram (a pain memory that affects your judgment and free will).

    4. You can discharge the energy in these pictures through communication. This is Dianetics Auditing and is the oldest of hundreds of Scientology techniques used to improve the individual.

    5. The Spirit creates his own emotions. Are you happy? Are you sad? Are you depress? Maybe you think that something external of you is creating your emotions. Maybe you believe that you are sad because you had a bad day or maybe you believe that you are happy because you had a great day. And this might be true. But who made the decision that you had a good or bad day? You did. You decided if life was good or bad, and adjusted your emotions to respond to your own consideration. You created your own emotion.

    Some people are born with everything they want and are still unhappy. And others are born into humble means and are happy. What's the difference? The only real difference is each person's ideas and considerations.

    Scientology uses hundreds of processes in order to help a person get a better understanding and a better outlook in life by using his own observations.

    6. Scientology Ethics. Ethical people take full responsibility for their actions. Un-ethical people blame others for their actions. "Wrong doings" diminish and deteriorate the freedom of the spirit because the need to justify the "wrong doing". So the spirit is enslaved into repeating the "wrong doing" in order to justify the original "wrong doing". The road to freedom lies within taking full responsibility for your personal condition and actions, past, present and future. Scientology provides the tools to help the person able to be fully responsible over his life thus rehabilitating his ability to be good and self determined.

    Also Scientologist base their conduct on a non-denominational code of conduct.

    7. Scientology and God. Scientology acknowledges the supreme being and promotes the individual search for closeness to God trough religion.

    8. Scientology vs Psychiatry. Psychiatry believes that self awareness, feelings, love and faith is merely cellular activity. Basically they think that you are your brain and you are not in charge of your behavior but your cells are.This is a totally materialistic point of view that denies the spirit and God. Psychiatrist is a pseudo science because it is based in principles that are false. Psychiatry have never proven that any "mental illnesses" (like they call it) has any connection with a physical illness. Any Neurologist will tell you there are no medical test to identify a "mental illness". All Psychiatrists base their diagnosis on opinion and opinion alone.

    Happiness, exhilaration, depression and psychosis are states of mind, not diseases. All what you have to do to stop being depress is change your state of mind. How you do that? By changing your ideas and considerations. Scientology provides the tools to achieve a better state of mind in accordance with your own point of view.

    Also Psychiatrist excuse the most horrendous crimes as mental illnesses. This is actually creates a sense of irresponsibility in society because it tells people that they are not responsible for their actions. Second they promote that drugs are the answer for your problems. This message promotes the use of drugs to find release from life and creates the current drug addiction problem in society. Drugs will only give you temporary false release but will never solve the source of your problems.And actually drugs will keep you away from finding a true spiritual release.

    Note: Scientology doesn't have anything against Psychology or Neurology. Also the mere awareness that you are a spiritual being and not a body makes you better person.

    9. Scientology is the only church that doesn't ask for donations from their parishioners during their Sunday Services. All chapel services are 100% free. Scientology earns it's money by delivering courses and auditing. Courses and auditing are optional. You do not need to take courses and auditing to be in Scientology. All you need to do to be a Scientologist is to read the books and apply Scientology to your life (like I do).

    But if you want auditing there are many ways to achieve this.

    a. You can do volunteer work in your local church and get your services for free.

    b. You can study to be an auditor and do all your auditing with a fellow student (this is called co-auditing). This way you can also provide free auditing to your friends and family.

    c. You can hire a professional auditor to do your auditing.

    10. Scientology and aliens. The story of Xenu is just a fable like the story of "Jonah in the Whale" in the bible. Fables are not intended to be taken seriously. The story of Xenu doesn't have any significance on Scientology beliefs.

    11. Scientology is so advance and so different that people can't understand it. People think that they know everything there is to know about life. And when they see Scientology they jump to conclusions when in reality they don't have a clue what are they talking about. The reality is that man attacks what he can't understand.

    12. Anti-Scientology propaganda is just that, propaganda. It is false, fantastic, deceitfully and absurd. People that do this propaganda, do it out of terror, they are terrified of people going free and Scientology does exactly that. The reasons that they attack Scientology is because Scientology works and Scientologist can't be controlled. Scientologist are the free people of this earth. Scientologist fights Psychiatry, the pharmaceutical companies, criminality ( and drug addiction ( Also Scientology fought and won against the FDA and the IRS. And Scientologist initiated the social reform group "Youth for Human Rights" ( and the movement "Say no to drugs and yes to life" ( Scientology is a force for good in society. And Scientologist are some of the more intelligent, able and successful people in this planet. Including Jenna Elfman, Kelly Preston, John Travolta, Priscilla Presley, Sofia Milos and Leah Remini. Even Danny Masterson from the that's That '70s Show is a Scientologist.

    13. I can PROVE that the information in those Anti-Scientology sites is false. For example those sites allege that Lisa McPherson died of neglect when in fact it was determined by several forensic examiners that "Lisa McPherson, died suddenly and unpredictably of a blood clot in her left lung that originated from a knee bruise she suffered in a minor auto accident 17 days earlier." The forensic examiner that originally said that Lisa died of dehydration and bed rest (Dr Joan Woods) admitted that she didn't perform the autopsy and after examining the facts she changed the cause of death of Lisa to be natural.

    And those sites alleges that Lisa McPherson was held against her will when in fact Lisa was taken to the Scientology resort by her own request. In Judge Quesada's own words "Based on the undisputed facts of this case, plaintiff has not made and cannot make a showing that Lisa McPherson was unlawfully restrained 'against her will' by the defendants. In fact, all of the evidence indicates the opposite. Lisa McPherson refused psychiatric observation or admission at the hospital; she expressly stated her desire to receive the religious care and assistance from her fellow congretants"

    And I can keep going and going but it really it doesn't matter Scientology grows by word mouth alone and doesn't care about the media. One day a friend of yours that you really trust will tell you "You know, I really found a way to solve those problems of yours".

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