for medical students, residents or doctors,,, help please!?

im a medical student I got one more year before I become an intern and im going into deep depression, my grades are good and in general im doing fine until now somehow im loosing my grip im not working hard enough my studying hours are getting less and less and whenever I sleep I have nightmares of all the patients I have seen, im almost there and Im so depressed, I feel I just want to give up and that maybe after all im not cut out to be a doctor after all…did you go through this before and if you did how did you cope with it ?

I would really appreciate your advice thank you

(im not studying in the USA or UK)

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    Stress in medical school is definitely not unusual and actually, depression is also not unusual. Feeling stressed and burned out is not an indicator that you are not cut out to be a doctor... it just means that you are just overwhelmed. I obviously can't give you any magic answer and I am not going to tell you I know how you feel. Each individual situation is different and obviously there are private things that you wouldn't really want to put out on the internet.

    However there are a few things that you can do to help alleviate stress:

    1. Get sleep... 4-6 hours of sleep daily will not sustain you.

    2. Eat better... coffee is not a food group.

    3. Get some air... fumes of hospital detergent isn't healthy despite what the nurses say.

    4. Exercise your body not just your mind... it's the only time your mind can actually rest.

    5. Reach out... isolation breeds hopelessness and depression... you are not the only one going through this, find someone else you can help.

    6. Laugh... laughter really is the best medicine... just don't do it out loud for no reason in public places ;).

    7. Pray... believe it or not, doctors are not God.

    Like I said, I don't know all the details of what you are going through and I don't know where you are going to school, but find out if they have someone that you can talk to for stress management or depression. Just don't go through this alone.

    Good luck.

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    Well, fear is just right if you should utilize it to encourage success! If you realize that the verbal stuff is just not your robust point, then work actively on setting up a excellent vocabulary, read lots and plenty of excellent science writing (Scientific American, New Scientist, and many others), see in case your tuition has non-graded writing aid programs that you would be able to take to overcome writing anxiety, and be trained the way to do matters like write abstracts and stories. There are all varieties of different writing tasks with a purpose to educate you to be concise and special. Does your institution offer science writing courses? There are additionally a thousand million approaches to arrange and apply to your MCATS. Start early, hold at it, do not sweat it. Hold in mind why you will want this: you'll want just right verbal competencies for writing sufferer letters, entering proper understanding right into a patient's chart, defending a prognosis, working with a clinical group, explaining to a sufferer what's fallacious and how it may be handled, and many others. You can have to be in a position to tug data from a huge type of sources, and present it in clear methods. "natural" verbal ratings is not going to maintain you out of med college, but good ones will absolutely enhance your chances of admission. Just right verbal talents, like people skills, are what you must be an high-quality communicator. And that is on the whole a health care professional's fundamental position.

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    Do you still want to be doctor/intern/spcialist as much as you did the day you signed up?

    I did my HSC twice to get the grades i wanted to goto medschool, then.. 1/2 way through the first year i realised I wanted to be a doctor, but I didnt want to wait till I was 26.

    And I dropped out, and my life right now, I could not imagine to be any better. I now run my own business & work only 10hours a week max, and have all the time i need to party & goto beach & cafe's and just enjoy life. I never regret it. The last few years have been the best of my life.

    I'm not saying 'drop out' especially since you are almost finished & i just started. But just remember. You can do whatever you want. dont let the pressure of people around you saying 'i'd do anything to have your brains' jarr your judgement

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    Hey chocolata..

    for a med is quite normal..I am get depressed you get every thing, because the load of the subjects is too much, even if you are taking high scores you don't know how much your brain is under stress to get all the material, besides seeing those horrible scenes of things that happens to people is another just need some relaxation, go out have fun and know that there are other things in this world besides me you are fine!

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    i wanna do med, and am on my way now - and I worry about all the problems i hear others have, but I always think of one thing. That I have the potenital to save lives, and life being most important thing we humans possess.

    If i save one life, it will all be worth it.

    Also all those people that will come in ill and leave fit and healthy all because of something I did or said - you cant beat that surely.

    But of course im not in youre position, so my 2 cents may be useless - hope it isnt though.

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    Obviously you are not close to fellow students. You need a few nights of swigging beer until the wee hours and forget. I speak from experience. We did this for a severely depressed fellow student in out junior year.

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