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for guys only please...?

lately my husband has been disinterested in making love because of stress from getting layed off.He told me i should try coming on to him...and i was wondering what the best approach would be to get him in the mood.

1. The bold approach.Come into the room with nothing but my robe on,untie it...straddle his lap on the couch with my chest against his...switching off between french kissing his mouth and his neck while nibbling on his ear.


2. The subtle approach...still wearing my robe...get behind him on the couch and begin giving him a back and shoulder massage with warming oil.


3. Any other ideas?

Thanks for your comments

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    Well, he's stressed, you said it in your answer, and stress will have an effect on a guys sexual desire, because stress can be a mood killer. Just find a night alone, get a hotel room with a hot tub and sit in there together, or do other things that are romantic.

    The idea about the massage would help, it might relax him.

    But you need to just help him relax.

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    When he comes home, be strapped to the bed with a blindfold on. If there is a TV in the room, have some porn playing softly in the background. Hearing the porn may may you all wet and when he sees you like that it's sure to turn him on. Even if he begins focused on his stress and sees you there, and doesn't act on it, his curiosity will at least be piqued and he'll come around.

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    Well you could always unzip his pants and give him a BJ then say come -on big boy lets have some fun in the bedroom. straddle him it makes it easy for him and you can give your clitoris

    a good rubbing.

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    Well coming on to him this is what I would suggest.

    Dress seductively..ligerie or revealing clothes...not nakkid (leave the imagination to wonder)...then just walk in and tell him that you want to f his brains out and so stop whining and get your over him undress... then take control... you decied when where what position etc...but you take the lead....make sure that if he wants to take the lead let him but only for a while....change positions and talk dirty to him....these things should help and use your imagination....push yourself and him to get maxiumum results....

    Sorry so short in description but it all depends on you and your relationship with hubby.... just go with the moment make the most of it and get it all...... ;-)

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    Dont be subtle. Put him on the bed and give him oral.

    Once his stress is gone the rest will be easy

  • Just go for it --guys are very visual and it won't take much if your naked---throw out the long drawn out foreplay and just be a total slut for him --he is your husband right?Give him a couple beers and go down --OOOOOOHHHHH YEA!!!!!!!

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    Make him the king, let him be lazy with no work, you do all the moving and playing!!!

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    Let him tityf--k you,,, are you big enough for that? will really turn him on!!!!!

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