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Why are some paint colors unavailable in a flat finish? An intense red, for example.?

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    A flat paint finish gives a colour almost a dusty appearance because light has no play on what is it's almost a non light -reflective surface. A glossier surface absorbs and reflects light giving the colour more depth and life. ( The reflective light play is what makes imperfections like bumps or cracks more visable in gloss finishes than in flat finishes)

    So this "dusty" outer finish somewhat dulls the colour, making it unsuitable for deeper, jewel like tones. They may be able to tint it the same intense red, but the end result will never be as successful as that tint in a higher sheen.

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    I believe it is because some colors are not very appropriate to be painted on a large surface wall area where you would use flat paint. Some colors are best in small amounts, like an intense red. Too much red can be irritating to humans and make them get angry.

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    Because this is America and you can do whatever you want with your walls even make them easy to marr if you prefer.

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    uuuhhh, just in case you don't want it shiny? i don't know, ask a paint guy!

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