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we are gonna take christmas pictures....i need help!!?

we dont want to wear white or green...i dont want to resort to red because EVERYONE does that, i need answers asap!! please thanks!!


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    Wear black and stand infront of a Christmas tree. Or Just take the photo in black and white.

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    Hi, Jen-

    I actually work part-time at the Santa Display at the mall as a photographer, so I know exactly which colors show up well against Christmas backgrounds. You are right to not want to do white or green, as they tend to blend in if the background is a snow-capped tree or something wintery like that. Also, if your family is taking a picture with Santa, red is probably the worst thing you can dress in, as it blends right in with his suit. The best pictures I've seen all year are of children (and whole families) wearing a red-based plaid with a little green and gold in it. Also, red and white stripes look cute, especially on babies and toddlers, and I also thought that maroon showed up very nicely. Also, don't be afraid to wear black! When properly accessorized (like with a Christmas-y looking scarf or a gold necklace), it can be very chic and photo-friendly. One more thing- I think it looks so cute when people put the kids in outerwear like hats and scarves for a holiday picture. Kids look so adorable in little pom-pom hats and colorful scarves, and it really captures the spirit of the season without being politically incorrect. Good luck!

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    Jewel tones always look good around the holiday season - try deep, rich colors. A rich purple would look very nice, as would a deep brown color. A turtleneck or cozy sweaters in either of those colors would be very fitting for the holiday season. Keep accessories to a minimum for the picture so they don't distract from your face and others' faces. Keep it natural and casual, and it'll turn out great!

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    My sister and I took Christmas pics last year in jeans and black sweaters. We added some tinsel around our shoulders for a holiday look. You could always try something like that.

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    christmas colors are red, white, black and green!!!

    how about Gold? that could be pretty.... like gold and beige, or black and white? purple and gold?

    pink and brown, or baby blue and brown is cute, but not very christmassy

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    I would wear black with silver trimmings, ex: silver shoes mabye a silver chain belt around a nice black dress

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    Wear all black with red stilettos a red neclace, and a red headband!

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    Gold or silver. They are pretty colors. Especially for christmas. we have those colors on our tree.

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    wear black or even maroon........maybe gray?

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