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New Bunny!?

We got my son a dwarf rabbit for his birthday. The bunny has very yellow, orange, red colored urine. Is this because of a rabbits diet? The bunny is very healthy and friendly. He doesnt seem to have any pain or problems.

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    That sounds pretty normal. Bunny urine will change color to a certain extent based on what he eats...for instance red leaf lettuce will end up in red color urine.

    Here are some great links since it sounds as if your are new to bunnies:




    Enjoy, they make wonderful pets!

    Source(s): Have house rabbits and help with rabbit rescue http://www.rabbit.org/ Also check chapter websites as top rabbit professionals advise chapters in their cities. http://homepage.mac.com/mattocks/morfz/rabrefs.htm... http://www.bio.miami.edu/hare/rabbithealth.html
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    rabbits should not hve any form of fruit or veg for the first 6 months of their lives as there digestive system isnt formed properly so it could be his diet thts causing this problem..i have a dwarf rbbit who is 7 yrs old early next year and that is good coz dwarf rabbits have a shorter live expectancy than normal rabbits and dont usually live past 3 years old

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    I have 4 rabbits and that is the color of their urine,odd but normal.

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    take the rabbit to a vet, I think rabbit urine is naturallyr cause both my 2 rabbits urine was thta color

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    I think this is normal however you should bring it to the vet for a check up just to make sure it doesn't have any problems like coccidya. http://www.rabbit.org/

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    Totally normal, in fact sometimes it will even go white.

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    take the bunny to the vet, thats not normal!

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    Sounds like a prooooooblem. *SuperVet to the RESCUE!!!* That's serious though, really, get him checked.

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    That is definately normal.

    Source(s): www.rabbit.org
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