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What is the neurological disorder where one is allergic to exertion called?

Even in cold weather, the person becomes extremely red when exercising or playing hard. Sometimes it is accompanied with a headache.

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    A person isn't allergic to exertion. They may have a reaction to chemicals present as a bi-product of exertion. Allergies are an immunological response, so it's not a nuerological disorder... at least not strictly.

    Perhaps this person should see a cardiologist pronto and take a stress test. It could be something alot more severe that doesn't deal with histamine levels.

    Does this person exhibit any other symptoms? Or he just turns red and sometime gets a headache?

    Again, sounds like a cardiovascular issue.

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    Sounds to me like high blood pressure. That turns you red red red if it's too high. Have your doctor check it.

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