how do you feel about leonardo da vinci?

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    I feel like I know him well. I've studied Leonardo for many years and been lucky enough to handle some of his original works personally.

    Before I start can I just say Nicole K is probably not correct with regard to Leonardo studying cadavers 'just so he could paint with better accuracy'. Other artists did this, not Leonardo. He disected them to discover the workings of the machine that is the human body. Captsnuf also says he was declared a heretic! When was this exactly? He sailed a little close to the wind a few times with various homosexual activites and non traditional depictions of religious allegory but survived quite well I'd say.

    Back to the question anyway. I feel that he was extremely gifted and I love the fact that he was a vegetarian and loved animals, especially horses. I adore his wisdom and modern scientific techniques and the way he was able to illusrate them with his superb drawings. I love the work he has left behind as it gives such an insight into the man and his extroardinary mind. The fact that he was a great dresser, handsome, probably gay and a practial joker forces me to like him as a person as well as a super talented polymath.

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    Passionately. Da Vinci was a genius well before his time. You could learn anything form The muscles of the human hand to the flow to paint the flowing of water. He had a theory for everything, and didn't just rush through life, he watched, he observed, EVERYTHING. He didn't just paint he discovered, and he was fully involved in the world around him. He would paint the same thing over and over again staring at it until he could paint it with complete accuracy by memory. And he documented everything he did in his journals. He studied the anatomy of dead bodies, just so he could paint with better accuracy, and when you see his paintings you feel like you could actually touch those people. they're so beautiful. I don't even think the Mona Lisa was his best work, he had so many amazing works, and plenty of them come from his journals, in plain charcoal, when he was just practicing how to draw water over an obstruction. He's amazing, and so much more than just a painter.

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    Da Vinci was one of the greatest master painters and sculptors in human history.he also was an inventor,he made some sketches of what we call in this days an airplane,and various

    other things besides his knowledge and dexterity in the arts to make it short he was ahead of his times.

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    Very clever chap. They say he made up the Turin shroud. A good engineer, a craftsman, a sculpter and a good musician.

    Seems to me like a little bit far off ahead his people most of the time, like Archimede. You can only get one or two of this type per millenium.

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    poor man was way-y-y-y ahead of everyone else. and way ahead of his time, which is why he was declaired an heiretic...i read recently that someone here thinks he was gay, that's a new one, i've heard and read a whole lot of stuff, but don't think i ever read or heard that, except from the person who has said it on this board more than once, though i don't think it matters any, the dude's long dead and buried.

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    A genius and fascinating man, ahead of his time!

    artist, sculptor, inventor, designer, scientist!


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    Absolute GENIUS.

  • 1 decade ago

    hes cool

  • 1 decade ago

    In what way.....cause he was gay

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