What is Cat 5 networking?

We just bought a house that has cat 5 networking. What is this? How would it be a benefit to my husband, son and myself? I do not understand this at all...


Sorry all you people that have helped me but do I need to buy special cables to connect your computer. I currently have DSL.


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    Your house is set up with Cat 5 wires running from a central location (likely in your basement) to (probably) every room in your house.

    Cat 5 wires are your broadband internet wires. You can also send other signals through cat 5 wires, such as your phone, television, and more.

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    It means that your house is wired for computers to be networked. Cat 5 networking is the Category of the cable used for this to be done. For example, on the walls you might see some jacks that look like phones but they are bigger than it, those are cat5 connection. Its pretty nice that you have this done. How can you benefit? Well, if you do it right you, your husband, and your son can all share files on different computers and browse the internet at the same time...with broadband dsl/cable that is, not dial up. So yea, it is pretty cool your house already has that.

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    Cat 5 Cable = Ethernet Cable. It's so you can network all your computers together to share files, share the internet, print things remotely, etc. Likely every room in your house is wired for it. All the wires run to a central location to be hooked up to a device called a hub or a router, and it is also the location where you would have your cable or DSL modem for high speed internet.

    By the way, Cat 5 is NOT fibre. It's also not just 10baseT. You can also run 100baseT and if it's Cat 5e you can run 1000baseT (gigabit ethernet) as well. All this talk is just related to the speed of your wired network. The higher the number, the faster it goes. It's only of a concern if you transfer big files between computers a lot.

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    Cat 5 describes a "class" of twisted pair copper wire. Cat 5 twisted pair is twisted tightly, something like 15-20 twists per foot. Cat 3 cable is what is commonly used for telephones, cat 3 is very loosely twisted, maybe 3-5 twists per foot.

    You MUST use Cat5 cable if you want to run 100BaseT (100Mbps) Ethernet. 10BaseT (10Mbps) will run on Cat 3 but also on Cat5.

    You can run many different network types over cat5, however the most common network type used is CSMA/CD, better known as Ethernet.

    What it means to you is that there are probably Ethernet drops in most every room in the house. With that you can have a very high speed secure (because it isn't wireless) computer network inside your home. If you have more than 1 PC, they can all communicate to each other, share printers, share a common Internet connection.

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    Cat5 is just an standard in network topologies. If your house is wired, you can build an small home computer network and share files between different (connected) computers.

    It's useful too to share a single broadband internet connection using a router.

    You can find more information in the links belows

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    Cat5 is the blue wire that you usually see plugged into a computer.

    Cat5 networking is when the CAT5 jack is in the wall and there is a main spot for a DSL router or cable.

    And you might need to buy a CAT5. to hook up to DSL modem.

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    It just means that your home has been wired for a computer network. CAT-5 refers to the type of cable used; it's standard network cable.

    You could set up a shared network in your home, set up intenet access for everyone, etc.

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    Cat 5 ist the type of cable used for the connection. To see a sample, go to:


    or just type in Cat 5 cable in your search engine and it will show you several.

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    It means your house is already wired for internet. You just have to sign up for a internet provider and all your rooms are already wired. If not you have to run wires on your own. It is not hard to do but can be a pain.

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    Category five cabling

    its a kind of wire

    you don't need to worry about it

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